13.1 DONE

I haven’t been logging my daily running stats lately, but a summary of the weeks prior to my long run include the normal soreness that I have been fighting with my shins. The week prior to my long run I was using bengay and arnica oil on my shins and using heat on my legs at night. I think this has been a contributing factor to my successful long run.

On Friday, March 2 I ran 13.12 miles in 2 hours 29 minutes! It was long and a little grueling mentally at times, however it was also awesome. I ran a half marathon distance! I met a goal. Now I am dealing with the emotion aspect that I ran a half marathon goal. It was sort of a quiet success. It was just a long run on a Friday morning. It wasn’t a race, I didn’t get anything for it except the personal satisfaction of going my farthest.

Summary of the 13 mile run. It was a 30 degree cloudy morning. My legs did not hurt at all when I started. The part that bothered me was the fact that I was going to run the same route 3 times around. I got into it around mile 5, but I still had moments where I was at mile 7 and 9 and had to break the distance into chunks and tell myself only 5 miles left or only 3 miles left. That did help a litt.e It also helped that Kevin and Adrienne met up with me at the duck pond during my firt pass there and then on my last lap around Kevin, Adrienne and little Kevin were there after they picked Kevin up from school. Seeing the car in the distance with my family there was a boost for me.

When I was finished I was sore in more areas. My lower back was sore, my shoulders were tired. I was tired. I did a cold bath and then a shower and then sat and worked and used a heating pad on my back to comfort me.

The following day I felt great. I stretched the day I ran and did my cold bath and used heat on my legs at night. I took a walk the day after to keep my legs limber. On Sunday, 2 days later it didn’t even feel like I ran 13 miles. I am amazed at the recovery from this distance. It encourages me to go longer on my next long run and keep up this training to see where it takes me.

I did my next run on Monday and I could only do 3.3 miles. I was shooting for 4 except I have a terrible cold and my throat was burning around mile 2.5. Next time I will push and go longer. I puchased a stand to hook up my bike and ride stationary for some cross training. I used it on Tuesday and rode for 25 minutes. My butt feels sore from riding in the seat, but I also feel some muscle soreness in my glutes so that’s good because I did some different leg work. I hope to continue using it on my off days from running.

I printed out some marathon training schedules and may increase my mileage and see how far I keep challenging myself. Next long run planned is 14 miles.