Damn Ham

I don’t want this blog to sound like all I do is complain; but it is a journal of my running experiences and when you run, sometimes you get injured. Last summer I had an issue with my hamstring after I completed a 10 mile race on a VERY hot and humid day. My muscles cramped up in my car after the race and after several trips to the chiropractor to try to heal it that way, I ended up going to an ortho doctor and did physical therapy for a few weeks. I think it is time to call tomorrow and make the appointment to get back in to the physical therapy right away rather than drag this out and try to heal it on my own. With the Dumbo Double Dare just a little over a month away I need to get on top of this. This type of issue will benefit from the ultrasound cortisone treatments. So now that I am ramping up the miles for the D3 and then jumping into the higher miles for the marathon right after that, it would be wise for me to get treated now rather than later.

Stay tuned…