How to pack for Dumbo?

While during my long run on Sunday I was trying to use some mental tricks to take my mind off the run.  One thing I was doing was thinking about how I would back for Dumbo.  I want to only bring a carry on or two; but how will I pack everyhing I need for two races and no laundry machines?

– 2 sports bras

– 2 pairs running socks

-2 compression shorts

-1 pair of capris (just in case it is cooler)

– sneakers

-2 skirts

-2 shirts

-fuel belt and gus



This list is just the running gear, I still have to pack my makeup, clothes for the park, travel clothes, flip flops, and toiletries.

I started to design costumes in my mind. I ordered a team sparkle skirt and I have to decide on a top. I would love the raw threads Good Girls Bow top, however I have to wait to pick it up at the Expo and I am worried that it won’t fit.

Do you have any suggestions for packing for a race weekend without having to check baggage? What are you using for a costume for the races?


One month to Dumbo

Well, I finally broke a milestone for myself lately, I ran 10 miles Sunday.  I haven’t run double digits since my half marathon in Cheshire on April 29.  Sadly, 10 mile runs used to be short runs for me a little over a year ago.  Time for me to begin building up this mileage to prepare for the Dumbo Double Dare, and also for the WDW marathon in January.

Dumbo Double Dare is just about a month from now.  I am still battling an injury and will be moving forward with physical therapy.  I am hoping doing this a month before the race will put me back on track.

I pushed through my run after walking a bit in the beginning, then limping, then run/walking. My speed hasn’t been fast, but I am learning something. I am learning that to go longer, you don’t have to go faster. It’s all about building the endurance.
I guess hovering around 11 minutes per mile isn’t all that bad considered my leg is bothering me and it was still quite hot and humid during my run at 10:45 – 12:30 mid day. I ran in a newer pair of sneakers, but I don’t like the model so much. They are the Nike Lunarglide +4 model. I prefer the Nike Lunarglide +3 model and am waiting for a pair that I ordered on ebay to arrive. I think the sneakers are a key factor in my injury and also the way I feel after a long run. The +4 model seems to not have as much arch support in them and now my calves and both hamstrings were more sore. I may use those for faster, shorter runs.

What do you do when you get injured?  Do you try to nurse it yourself or do you go see someone right away?  What have you found to be helpful when you are hurt?

New Product reviews

The past few weeks I have had a chance to run more and also use some of my new gear. I wanted to share my results with you about three new items I have.

    1. Tifosi wisp sunglasses
    2. iFitness Ultimate Race Belt II
    3. Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity Dimity McDowell, Sarah Bowen Shea (kindle edition)

I was given amazon gift cards for my birthday so what did I want to buy? Running gear! I went to my local running store to see what they had there and found some sunglasses I liked. I wrote down the model number and came home and searched for them on amazon. I got them for a good price. I paid $53.96 and they are retailing in the store for around $65.00. I wanted smaller sunglasses that were polarized that had some wrap around effect. These are good glasses. They are polarized to protect my eyes and don’t fog up much. They have rubber grips on the arms so they don’t slide down my nose. I am happy with these glasses.

The second item I wanted to get was the ifitness belt. Several other runDisney members recommended it. In particular, Ashley Hoffman Forster did a video review of it on her blog. After seeing her review I wanted it. The belt was $28.95 and I added 2 8 ounce water bottles for $19.95. I wanted the belt for the ability to hold my phone in a water proof compartment. And like the review from ( name ), she said it could hold her iphone and her ipod nano. I have an LG Spectrum phone so I assumed it would fit. It is a tight fit for my phone to fit into the zippered compartment, but it does fit along with my nano so my electronic devices are safe from rain. The belt is comfortable. It stays on by using a snap. My nathan hydration belt uses a velcro closure. The belt doesn’t slide and it fits comfortably. I would recommend it to others.

On vacation I came across this book through Facebook. “Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving–and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity” by Dimity McDowell, Sarah Bowen Shea is a good book. The authors have a facebook page and I was interested in the topics that were being discussed through facebook. So I downloaded a sample to my kindle and liked what I read, so I purchased the book. I read it every night before bed. I didn’t know what to expect from a book about running written by mothers, but I found it to be fun to read, some things I knew, some things I am learning and some things I can apply to my life as a mother who runs. Do as I did an download a sample for yourself and see what you think! After I read this book I will read their second book, “Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line—and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity”.

Hopefully the review of these items will be helpful in your purchases for new running gear!

Damn Ham

I don’t want this blog to sound like all I do is complain; but it is a journal of my running experiences and when you run, sometimes you get injured. Last summer I had an issue with my hamstring after I completed a 10 mile race on a VERY hot and humid day. My muscles cramped up in my car after the race and after several trips to the chiropractor to try to heal it that way, I ended up going to an ortho doctor and did physical therapy for a few weeks. I think it is time to call tomorrow and make the appointment to get back in to the physical therapy right away rather than drag this out and try to heal it on my own. With the Dumbo Double Dare just a little over a month away I need to get on top of this. This type of issue will benefit from the ultrasound cortisone treatments. So now that I am ramping up the miles for the D3 and then jumping into the higher miles for the marathon right after that, it would be wise for me to get treated now rather than later.

Stay tuned…

Dumbo Double Dare Training continues

Dumbo Double Dare training countdown

I am on vacation in New Hampshire celebrating my 3 year anniversary of running outdoors. To end my week here I went for my last run today. I ran 4 miles. I am pleased with the number of runs I went on while here.

It is hot here, very hot. In fact the whole nation is in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. But I am glad I was still able to get out and run. My times aren’t the best, but I am still maintaining my endurance.


Recap –
Sunday 3 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Friday 4 miles

2013-07-19 11.37.22 2013-07-17 12.16.36

I am feeling an issue starting to visit me again from an injury last year. My IT band and hamstring are acting up. I am working on rolling it out and stretching and doing my PT exercises. I am hoping not to have to go to the doctor but I will if it isn’t improving after D3 and when I am ramping up my mileage to train for the marathon. The cortisone therapy is what really helps with the deep massage.

I read a great blog from a fellow #TeamRunDisney member Laurel about her Dopey experience and the marathon DNF. I had considered doing the Dopey; but now that I am training for the Dumbo Double Dare, even though it is just a 10K and a half back to back, you can’t underestimate the miles and what it does to your body. I am learning this while training. I don’t typically run back to back days and I am hoping that I am not ruining by body while doing it now.

These multiple event weekend sound like fun, but they are hard.


3 years

I have reached my 3 year anniversary of when I began a more serious approach to running.  As I stated in the beginning of my blog, I didn’t consider myself a runner, but once I started to run outdoors and participate in races, then it really became something more for me.  Now three years later, I am on vacation in New Hampshire and still running.  I went on three runs so far and loved all of them.  It has been exceptionally hot this week and my runs haven’t been my best; but I am learning that not all of them will be.  My training for the Dumbo Double Dare seems to be a little behind.  However, I did a 3 mile run on Tuesday and then a 6 mile run on Wednesday so I am sticking with back to back runs.  I need to increase my mileage to get back into my half marathon mileage.

This week I have had some great opportunities come my way.  I am now a Swirlgear Amabassador.  Thanks to Jennifer Tara from the #TeamRunDisney group, I have connected with Marisa from and am going to help them market their products by wearing their gear and spreading the word.  Check them out at

I have also become a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  I love these opportunities to network with other runners, especially women and mom runners.  I love even more, the chance to test out new gear and provide feedback on it.  It has made me learn that I want to do more of what I love and that is run, and get involved in running communities.  I wish I could get paid to run!  But I guess I have to keep my day job.

If you want to purchase items, please contact me and I can provide you a special code for checkout that will give you free shipping.

I am looking forward to meeting the other swirlgear Ambassadors at the Dumbo Double Dare, too!