Triathlon Swim Testing

I finally made some purchases towards my triathlon goal.  I purchased goggles and a swimming cap to use on my vacation.  When I was in the store and looking at all of the selections to choose from, I messaged a few of my friends to find out what to select from. The advice I got was to try them on before you buy to see what fits comfortably.  I had a limited time to shop for these items, so I didn’t try anything on.  I selected Speedo because I was familiar with that brand.



My intention was to hopefully get in a few laps at the quiet pool in the mornings before everyone gets up.  That didn’t happen, but I did get a chance to try out my new gear at one of the pools at night while it wasn’t crowded.

To be honest, I didn’t feel stupid when I put them on and got into the pool.  The goggles fit very comfortably.  The cap was ok as well.  Maybe I will get a black one for when I swim in public so I don’t look as dorky!  I did a few practice swims across the pool and back and felt good.  Then I kept doing a few more and realized how tiring swimming is!  I felt a little concerned that I will need to step up my game over the summer to figure out this whole swimming thing.  I had no idea how far we had to swim for the Sprint Tri in September and in my mind I was wondering how long it took the longest swimmer to finish the swim portion of the race.  That is the time I am going to have to beat at least so I won’t be the last one out of the water.

I like swimming with my face under water most of the time, but I am going to have to learn to take breaths at every other stroke or else I will get behind in my breathing and will be more tired.

I also have to figure out the kicking.  Do you kick a little or a lot?  How far is a lap?  How far do we have to swim for the race?  We have a circular 24 foot pool in our yard, I will spend as much time in it as I can this summer going back and forth, but I think I’ll need to research into the YMCA or the North Haven Rec Center to learn about their lap pool and to invest in a cheap Timex watch to help keep track of my laps.

I had my husband video me while I did a lap so I could review it and see how bad I looked and so I could put it out there for critiquing.  So please any feedback would be great!