To Dope or Not To Dopey?

dopey-challenge-graphicSo as the registration for Dopey arrives quickly upon us, I have to really think hard about this.  I know this is something that I want to do; but I have to believe in myself that I CAN do it.

It is a major commitment not just on race weekend, but all of the long training runs leading up to it.  The longest back to back run I have ever done was the 10K and half marathon races at Dumbo Double Dare and Princess Glass Slipper Challenge.  I have not done a half marathon back to back with a marathon.  When I type that out, I get a little bit of a stomach ache thinking about it.

Training for a marathon doesn’t bother me.  I enjoy it for the most part.  Even when the 20, 23, and 26 mile runs come up on the schedule because I am proud that I have made it that far and the race isn’t too far off.  But to think of adding a training day prior to that for a half marathon is where I get nervous. My friend Gail is obtaining her perfect Goofy this year for the anniversary year of the Goofy Challenge so I hope to run with her and her friends to celebrate her accomplishment which ALWAYS make a race so much fun!

I am planning on using Jeff Galloway as my coach for the Dopey challenge.  Mickey Mile Podcaster Michelle Scriber-MacLean did this last year for the Dopey challenge and she said she did very well because of it.  I also plan on arriving to Disney prior to my family to get 2 of the early races out of the way.  I will also sleep early and rest often when I am there prior to their arrival.

I believe I can do it.  I just have to believe that I can commit to the training also.  My daughter will begin kindergarten next year so I can save up some vacation days for my long training runs and hit the road once she gets on the bus and I’ll be done in time for when both kids get off the bus.  So in that sense, I think the universe is lining up to allow for me to give this a try.

Do you all have recommendations or suggestions for doing Dopey?  Was there anything that you didn’t like about doing Dopey besides the early wake ups?  Did anyone fail at attempting their first Dopey?  I’d like to hear about it.  The good, the bad, the ugly.


My Traditional Birthday Run

In the past few years I made it a point to go for a run on my birthday.  As a wife, mother and runner this year I will do the same, however I have to first be a mother and wife and get treated to breakfast by my family.  Then I can be a runner and go out for my annual birthday run.  I was going to go to a breast cancer walk this morning; but my plans didn’t work out as I wanted them too.  It’s ok, I will still do good deeds throughout the year.  It’s a gloomy day outside, but I don’t care.  I will still take my time to myself and get in my run. Rainy days are not always bad for running.  Sometimes they are more peaceful than a sunny day.

On our way home from breakfast we stopped into our local woods (Tyler Mill) and checked out the river.  The water was so high from the rain, it was cool.  I’m looking forward to heading out for my run, reflecting on my past year and looking forward to the new year ahead.


I am looking forward to what this year has to bring for me.  I have plans in the works for 3 marathons within this year which is a much bigger goal than I had last  year.  My daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  My son is doing great in school and I am thankful that I am healthy and that my family is healthy.

Bring on another year!

Running For Her Life

My friend Kim was filmed back in December by Disney for their inspirational stories they are sharing on their site to focus on why you run Disney.

You can read about her story and view the video.  I had the opportunity to run the marathon with her and it was one of my favorite races to date!  The girls who ran together have grown a close friendship and are looking forward to running MANY more races together helping each other through our journeys!

SELF Magazine Blew It

Have you heard the latest blow up on social media lately?  SELF Magazine mocked a cancer warrior for running the LA Marathon in a LAME Tutu!  For real?

Their magazine featured an article in their +BS Meter on what is legit and what is lame.  Their opinion that running the LA marathon in a Tutu was LAME!  Their claim is that it is BS that runners can run faster if they run in a Tutu which is a new fad.



The girl on the right in the blue Tutu is a brain cancer fighter going through chemo at the time of the LA marathon, I would call that far from LAME!

Glam Runner is the creator of the tutus in this photo and I hope the make a fortune off of SELF Magazines poor judgement.

What do we do about it when we heard?  Well, my friend Kim who is a breast cancer warrior gave it right back to them!  She also ran through several marathons while going through her chemo.  Some races she wore Tutus and some she did not.  So NOT LAME.


For more info about this visit the Huffington Post.  What do you think about this snafu that SELF has gotten themselves into?


I Was Not Accepted Into The NYC Marathon for 2014

I was so excited when I woke up on March 26 and knew that this was the day to receive notification if I would be running the NYC Marathon on November 2.  I know it’s silly, but these are the kinds of things that help make the long cold days a little more exciting.  So I checked my emails throughout the day, checked in with Facebook and logged into my account, and even checked my bank account for a pending charge.  But it wasn’t looking like anything was happening for me.

Then after my run I saw that many of my friends and fellow runners were getting their notification and most of them were going.  I checked my account to see this sad news:


After a few minutes of disappointment I decided oh well!  I guess I have to pick a different marathon to do that month.  I knew that Philadelphia had some good reviews and that lined up better with my training plan for the 2015 Dopey races that I want to participate in.  So I put the word out there to my Facebook account and several other runner friends of mine are going to Philadelphia so I’ll have friends to hook up with there!  Here’s Jennifer Tara’s thoughts on Philadelphia!


Registration opens up on April 1 so I will make my decision soon and then plan a new marathon for November!  NYC is not over for me, I am considering going down there to see my friends and cheer them on for marathon morning.  That way I can still experience the excitement of the NYC marathon and get my bearings for when my day does come!


e-coaching with Jeff Galloway

I had been considering hiring a running coach for about 6 months now but didn’t do it.  I wanted to do it last August after pulling my hamstring and needing physical therapy.  Then after the therapy worked and I wasn’t hurting anymore I decided I didn’t need to.

After the WDW marathon I came home and wanted to do another marathon sooner rather than later.  I didn’t want to wait until the fall and because I had the mileage base under my belt I wanted to get one done in the spring.  I found the Providence Marathon.  This was perfect!  It’s a short drive from home, the course looks nice, the price was good and several other friends of mine decided to run it.

When I went to the Princess Half marathon a little over a month after the WDW full marathon, I wasn’t happy with my training.  I was struggling with hip flexor pain and my running was very, very slow.  I was hoping to talk to Jeff Galloway at the expo, but didn’t get the chance.  When I got home I made the decision.  I was going to do e-coaching with Jeff Galloway!  Why wouldn’t I?  I follow his training plans, I met him twice and I love his training method.  I already read several of his books and I believe in his method of run/walk/run.  Because I was planning on running another marathon within 6 months of my last, I wanted to do it in a way where I wouldn’t hurt myself, since I seem to be prone to injury.  I also wanted to use it as a method to prepare me for a decision to do Dopey in 2015.


What comes with ecoaching?

  • Individual Training Program to the goal of your choice by Jeff Galloway
  • A copy of one of Jeff’s books (Galloway Training Program, Galloway’s Book on Running–2nd Ed. or Year Round Plan)
  • Direct email access to Jeff, for questions and clarifications, with priority
  • Free Monthly E Newsletter
  • Opportunity to ride on the Galloway Bus for the New York City Marathon start
  • Discounts on Fitness Vacations at Lake Tahoe Meet and run with other Galloway Members at races around the world

I am  three weeks into the training plan now and I have been very happy with it.  I was surprised with the intervals Jeff recommended and the pace for my long runs, but I can see now why they are recommended.  I also liked the other workouts he prescribed from cadence runs to hill repeats.  I never took those workouts seriously before, but now I see how they are effective for the whole process of building other muscles and to help with speed.  My recover on my 2 last long runs were very quick and just this past Friday with my 20-miler I was able to hike Sunday and ran and rode my bike on Monday and didn’t even feel like I ran 20 miles just days ago.

On April 6, Jeff will be at the Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half & Legends 4-mile run.  I hope I get the chance to run with him during the 4-mile run.  Every time runDisney had a meetup the guests had the chance to run with Jeff.  I never had the chance.  If not, I will be sure to get another picture with Jeff!  I am also looking forward to participating in his Jeff Galloway 13.1 Inaugural race in Atlanta in December.

Providence Marathon Training – 20 mile run

This past Friday I did my long run to prepare for Providence.  As usual I was anxious about it during the week prior.  I had been under a lot of pressure with work, my son had a stomach bug over the weekend, my daughter had one on Wednesday and I wasn’t feeling all that great either.  I had only run on Monday and didn’t have any gas in my tank to consider going for a run on Wednesday considering how crappy I felt.  And I NEVER skip a run.  I knew that in order to make it out for my run Friday I had to just suck it up and take care of myself.  I had a great night sleep the night before my run and that was a savior for me.

The morning of my run was beautiful.  I got the kids off to school and then hit the road.  It was 45 degrees with wind but the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the spring birds were out.  I was determined to have a positive, good run.


Jeff’s training plan was to do 15/30 intervals.  I walked the entire first mile, then started my intervals.  I had set my timer to 30/1:00 intervals.  I did that for the first 4 miles.  My endomondo tracker was stating that with my pace it would take me 5 hours to finish.  I started to worry because I had to get back home in time to pick up Adrienne from school.  So I changed my timer to 30/45.  My pace was pretty quick considering it was a long run, but I was feeling very fresh.  It was good that I had those days off prior to my run.  I really needed them.

My total run took me 4 hours 29 minutes.  I was happy with that time, and my plan for the marathon is to do a 5:30 marathon, which is a big stretch for me.  My route ended with some hills at the end, but I pushed through them despite tired legs so I think if I push at the end of the race to get some speed I may make my goal.


I did experience some pain in my hamstring behind my knee that night which concerned me.  So I used ice, heat and tylenol to keep it at bay and so far so good.  I do NOT want to repeat physical therapy again like last year.  I know I had it because I pushed faster for this long run.  In my next 2 long runs I will make arrangements to have Adrienne picked up from school so I can continue using the pace and intervals that Jeff has written for me.