Finally in the 20’s!

I completed my first mile run past the teens and hit the 20 mile mark on November 9th. I am very pleased with this run too! I packed snacks in my camelback of fig newtons and pretzels and had yellow GatorAde as my drink to prepare for what Disney will be supplying.

Miles 1-6 I ran on a new route. I only ran that route once so it was nice to switch it up. I listened to my Two Gomers podcast for the first two hours of the run. Around mile 6 I decided I should have a Gu and stay ahead of the fuel needs.
Mile 7-10 I was feeling good. I hadn’t realized the time that was passing which is a good thing getting this far. But I was aware that I was half way there.
Mile 15 – 17 I ran as far as my daughter’s school and switched over to the Disney DIS unplugged podcast. However, they were talking about food a lot and I was starting to lose interest. It was close to 12:30 at this point and I had about an hour left to go. I had a Gu around mile 15.5.
Mile 17 I was doing ok, I had a fig newton around mile 17.5 to see how my stomach would handle that as a fuel source along with some chews.
Mile 18 was up hill and I was struggling. I had to just walk and not worry about walking up a large hill. I was struggling a little bit mentally but I wasn’t giving up. I did text Kevin and told him I was having a hard time but I didn’t want him to come get me.
Mile 19-20 was mostly downhill and went by quickly because I was watching the screen on my phone to see the distance hit the 20 mark so I could stop running and just walk. My quads were feeling the fatigue at this point, but mentally I was still ok.
Mile 20 was completed in 4 hours 7 minutes. I was about 3/4 of a mile away from home and was considering having Kevin come pick me up, but I knew it would be best for me to walk the rest of the way home as my cooldown to keep my legs loose.

After my ice bath and chocolate milk, I was feeling pretty good. I did a little bit of sled riding with the kids and the next day I was pretty mobile all day. The night of the run always leaves me sleepless because the aches and pains keep me awake. But I was keeping up with the soreness by taking Tylenol after my run.

Only 2 more of these long runs before the actual marathon!


Holiday Bootie Buster week 1 recap

Join the Holiday Challenge This week I signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. It is a challenge to help you earn points towards prizes, but the goal is to keep you accountable for doing healthy things during the holidays to help reduce the chance of gaining those holiday pounds, which always seem to get me. Although I have been active this week, I have been lacking in the eatting my veggies department. I did make a yummy eggs and veggie bake which will help me get in my carbs via vegetables for the week with protein as well. I am preparing for my 23 mile run this coming Friday, so I need to work on loading up with my carbs so I don’t bonk. When doing my 7.71 mile run on Saturday my tank was emptier than it should have been. I had a good run, but at the end I was feeling the bonk coming on when my sugar dropped. If I had gone any further I think I would have had some trouble.

I read some good information about preventing a bonk by Lee Hoedl

Tip #3: Avoid Bonking – Formula: 1/3 Body Weight of Carbs

We should all be deep into our intermediate and longest runs of our training by now. If so, then you might already be familiar with “bonking.” We have all probably experienced it, at one time or another: cold sweats; bleary-eyes; slowed pace despite a high perceived exertion. A “bonk” occurs when your muscles become depleted of glycogen. In essence, it is a period of low blood sugar.

…The physiological impact of bonking is too great to allow it to happen. In the absence of muscle glycogen, the body actually turns on itself breaking down muscle to create glycogen through other means. We never want to see the breakdown of lean muscle mass, that’s one of the things that helps us prevent injury.

Bonking can be avoided by fueling yourself properly during training. Never step out the door without at least two gels (or one energy bar) more than what you believe is required for your workout.

You should have at least one third of your body weight in carbohydrates per hour. For example, if you are going on an 18-mile run, you run a 10:00/mile pace and you weight 180 lbs, this would be your formula (in addition to properly fueling your body before walking out the door):

Hour 1: 6 miles completed; Consume 60 calories (1/3 of 180 lbs) of carbs
Hour 2: 12 total miles completed; Consume another 60 calories
Hour 3: 18 total miles completed; Consume another 60 calories

This is why the sports drinks can be so helpful at the water/Powerade stations and why you should not skip any water stations – they not only hydrate you, but also can add to those easily consumable carbs needed. So don’t “bonk” – practice your long runs with whatever carbs you prefer (Gu gels, Clif bars, Clif blocks, Mike n Ikes, M&Ms, etc.). Find what works for your stomach, stick with it and be ready to avoid the “bonk” on race day.

My Week’s Activities:
Wednesday – bike 30 minutes
Thursday – Branford Turkey Trot 5K, then after Thanksgiving dinner we took the kids for a walk to a park and played hide and seek.
Friday – took the kids for a walk at my mom’s house
Saturday – 7.71 mile run (set a faster pace for that route than my previous pace and didn’t go over 10:46 min/mile)
Sunday – stretching and hoping to take a walk

I am nervous about my 23 mile run, as I always get nervous before it. But I am mentally mapping out the route in my head and what I will listen to on my ipod and preparing for it. I survived my 20 mile run very well, so I think I’ll do just fine with this one, too!

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge begins

Join the Holiday Challenge Today I signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. I heard about it from Danielle Nardi from . When you refer a friend mention Danielle or I and we can earn points. The reason why I joined this challenge is to make me step up my workouts, diet, intentions prior to the marathon. With it being close to 50 days away, I want to make sure I am healthy and prepared. I have a 23 mile long run and a 26 mile long run on the schedule and those long runs will also help me earn points! I still have to write about my 20 mile long run recap, which went very well.

For the challenge I will be tracking my workouts on Endomondo as I usually do, and will also note my workouts in the blog.

On Sunday I had the Wallingford Turkey Trot 5 mile run and it was a great run for me. I finished 5.44 miles in 52:59. One of my best times since last June. I am done with physical theraphy on my hamstring and it’s feeling 100% better. I am battling an issue with a posterior shin splint which I can hopefully nip in the bud.

So watch for my weekly recaps and points accumulations and decide if you too want to beat the holiday pounds with a challenge!