A plain ole Tuesday run

Watching the forecast this week I decided that I had to do my run on Tuesday earlier in the day when it will be “cooler” since we are going to have some days in the 50s which feels too hot for me.  So I hit the road at 9:30 this morning and it was close to 40.  I was just doing a short run, either 30 minutes or 3 miles, whichever came first.  It was a rough run. I knew I should have rested another day, but decided to get one in anyway.  My next run isn’t scheduled until Saturday and according to the Galloway training chart, this weekend won’t be a long distance run.  So I think this week will be a time for resting and healing from my recent long runs.  The issues I am feeling are just the soreness in my lower leg bones so I’ll continue to massage the areas.  I also have to keep stretching with my grid.  Before my run my IT band was tight and my knee was bothering me; but I think while I was running it worked itself out.  So there will be great runs and there will be some mediocre runs.  I guess it’s better than no run at all!


Run summary – 8 miles

Yesterday I did my 8 mile run.  It took me 1 hours 29 minutes.  It was a beautiful morning, almost 40 degrees and sunny.  It had a feeling of spring to it.  I heard some birds and the sun felt warm.  I used mapmyrun to set my route, but when I was out there running I forgot specifically which route would get me to the 8 miles and I turned a little too soon on one of my roads.  I had to make it up on route 17 and some back roads.  I use my ipod to tell me my distance.  I used the walk/run method with a ratio of 4/1. 

For breakfast I had my oatmeal and skim milk about 1.5 hours before my run and some tea. It took me a while to wake up and get out there.  But mentally I was ready.  I wore my water belt with two bottles filled up this time.  It did feel heavy but I got used to it.  I also wore my calf sleeves again and they were fine.  I didn’t even notice I was wearing them.  At around 42 minutes I ate my vanilla bean gu and had some water during a walk break.  I think it did help because I still had another 45 minutes to run after that and I had the endurance.  Around mile 7.3 my legs were feeling heavy but I was close to the home stretch.  I think I have to do another week of 8 miles so that my legs will get used to the distance.  I also think I should have brought my stingers with me and chewed on a few to give me a little sugar blast for the last mile or 2. 

I had my ovaltine and a cold bath when I came home and wore my compression socks for the rest of the day.  I am wearing the compressions socks this morning as well just to help get me going.  I am pleased with my distance and look forward to my next long run.  While I was running and listening to a podcast from Jeff Galloway he said “you can run a marathon”.  I definitely feel that is true.  I CAN run a marathon.  Of course I have to train for it; but I do believe this is something that I will do in my near and not too far off future.

Intestinal issues they don’t tell you about.

Wednesday I went on run using my new gear.  I filled up one water bottle and wore my belt.  I also decided to run using my calf sleeves per a recommendation from my friend Shannon.  I was just going to use them after my cold bath and shower, but thought I’d give it a shot and see how they felt.  During the first mile I felt like my shins were getting a little irritated and almost wanted to take them off but I kept going.  Sometimes I felt them pinch a little behind my knee but I got over it.

It was a much warmer day so I did take a few sips of water.  I was doing a 4/1 walk/run ratio and kicked it back to the 3/1 after about 2 miles.  The water belt took a little while to get used to wearing.  I ran 5.2  miles and could not go any further because my stomach was gurgling and I had to get home to the bathroom. Any minute later and I think I would have had to knock on a stranger’s door.

What used to be an easy run of 3 miles for me is now a 5 mile distance.  I never thought I would consider 5 miles to be my easy run so I am glad for that.  My endurance is building.

Thursday my legs felt good.  I stretched on the grid Wednesday night real good and have no soreness.  I also stretched on the grid Thursday night and on Friday my thighs felt heavy, so Ithink they were a little sore from rolling so much on the roller.

My sister is asking me questions about running and I’m excited to share the knowledge I have of it and get her to start trying.  I recommend the ipod walk to run coaching tool so she can start using walk/run.  I also told her I’d love to run a 5k with her so she’d have a goal to work towards.  So we’ll see. 

Today (Saturday) I am having my tea and breakfast and waking up and preparing myself for my 8 mile run.  I keep thinking I have to do 9, but the goal is 8.  I will be using Gu and am packing up 2 water bottles.  Maybe if the urge strikes I will go for 9, but I have to stick to the plan to avoid overdoing it and getting injured.  I will post my recap and let you know how I make out.

I am registered for my 1st half marathon!

I am now registered!  After my 7 mile run I am confident that a half marathon will be great for me and I can totally do it. 


I have a wish list of runs that I would like to do in 2012.  These runs are all based on circumstances I don’t have control over, but here’s the wish list.

Cheshire Half Marathon – April 24 – registered
New Haven Road Race 20K – September 3
Hartford Half Marathon/Marathon – October 13
Walt Disney World Tower of Terror 10 mile – September 29
Walt Disney World Marathon – January 13, 2013

New gear

I am so excited.  I went to my local running store shore Sound Runner and bought some new gear.  Now that I am running longer distances I have to start carrying water and fuel with me.  I had the change to talk to Gretchen while I was there and she gave me advice on what fuel sources I should use and when.  I chose to go with the GU packets rather than some chewable items to see how I like them.  She also fitted me with a water belt and measured my calf for some calf sleeves.

I ended up getting the Nathan fuel belt and Zensah calf sleeves.






Now that my runs are longer, she gave me some good advice such as, bring some wipes in a zip lock bag in your pocket in case you have to duck out into the woods for any reason.  Also, take the gu at about mile 4 when running longer than 7 miles and take it every 45 minutes when running long.  She also had me get the Glide stick to avoid chaffing and said I should start using it at any point now despite the colder weather because the rubbing is caused by the longer distance, not the temperature.

When I came home from the store, I was also excited that my items I ordered came in.  I got a grid roller to help me the day after my long runs for stretching.  I used it last night and feel better today.  I also ordered a buff to wear around my neck to pull onto my face on those colder days when the wind blows towards me. 

So I think now I have everything I am going to need for my long runs and long races in my future!  Now I can’t wait to get out and run tomorrow!

Snow what!

It was still below 30 degrees and we drove around my route to see how the roads looked. Some were clear some were not. I would say about half of my route was clear. I was bound to get out there to run. It didn’t look like I was going to be able to get in my 7 mile run. But mentally I was so ready. I knew, despite my husband’s skepticism, that I was going to be out there the day after a 12 inch snow storm.

I started to map out my route with mapmyrun.com to plan alternates in case the roads were too icey. I had a cup of coffee and a biscotti I kept checking the thermometer and when I saw it hit 32 I got dressed and head out. For the first time I ran with a cell phone. I brought my husband’s phone since it is smaller. I don’t like to carry a lot of stuff but thankfully it didn’t bother me in my pocket. I did a few repeat loops close to the house and clocked my first mile that way and then headed towards my usual route.

I did the 4:00/1:00 minute ratio with the galloway timer and felt great. At around mile 2.5 I was feeling a good groove. I also felt great at mile 4.5. At around mile 5.5 I was running out of my usual road so I did a few repeats. I had to wear my old sneakers because of the snow and they weren’t as comfortable as my current ones.

Today I realized that doing a half marathon is definitely something I can do and am actually looking forward to doing. This run took 1 hour 13 minutes. I estimate the half marathon will take about 2 hours 30 minutes. The weather between now and April 29 will be completely different.

I am looking forward to my 8 mile run next weekend.


A rough night but a good run

“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.” –John Bingham

I have been tracking the weather all week to know when we are getting more snow and planned my runs around the weather.  So I was lucky enough to get in my run today before the snow.  But it wasn’t a very easy run.  My son was sick last night so I think I sletp about a total of 3 hours.  I didn’t want to miss my chance to get in a short run so I went for it.  It was 32 degrees and sunny and refreshing.  I just set my run/walk timer to a 3:00 run 1:00 walk and went easy.  Towards the end I started to run out of gas so I changed it to a 2:00/1:00 and am happy with the run despite the circumstances.  My next long run is due this weekend and so is more snow for Saturday morning.  I may have to save it for Sunday or Monday. 

After my long run of 6 miles on Monday I had some runner’s knee pain but I spent a while last night stretching real good with the kids’ pool noodle until my roller comes in the mail.  I worked on the really tender areas and today I have no knee pain at all.  So stretching with the roller will be key for me to loosen out thoes IT bands and knees.  I would like to do a 7 mile run so I can know how it will feel to go that far; but at the same time I am scared of teh distance.  But as usual, I get out there focus on ENJOYING the experience and not let fear get the best of me.  The point of running is to have fun and I feel now that I am enjoying it because I am using the Galloway approach to help avoid injury and build my endurance; both of which I am have success with.