The EPIC Summer of 2014

This is the first official week of summer at our house.  Despite the fact that my kids have been in the pool for almost a month now.  The last day of school was Monday, June 23 so that means summer vacation!!!  I wanted this year to be one of those summers the kids will never forget.  I know that I have memories of my summers when I was a kid.  These are memories I hope to never lose.  That’s why I am creating the Epic Summer of 2014 for them.  It’s all about FUN, sun, water fun, basic happiness, love and family time. What do you remember from your summers as a kid?  I remember putting playing cards on my bike and riding around the yard sounding like a motorcycle.  I remember when it was a treat for us to go to a friend’s house to swim before we got our own pool.  Camping, air shows in Cape Cod, family reunions, staying up late at night, playing hide and go seek in the dark, bug bites, catching fireflies, soda in the glass bottles from the Pop Shop in North Haven, the carnival on the hill behind my yard and the Musco’s yard!  Going up to the carnival grounds after they packed it all up to look for loose change and any money that may have fallen out of people’s pockets.  Friday nights were always special because my dad didn’t work late on Friday nights, so we made popcorn and ate it in the “red bowl” and watched the Dukes of Hazzard, the Hulk, Donnie and Marie, and heard Dallas (when we were in our beds).  And my parents always told us to stay in our rooms when we woke up and let them sleep!  It never happened. Summers were magical.  From the day you step off the bus to the weeks before school when it is time to get some back to school clothes from Sears.  I want to create that feeling for my children.  The day after my son’s last day, I put up a tent in the back yard for them to play in.  Then I had my lunch break with them in there and gave them some one on one time. We went to the Hamden Fireworks this Friday night.   We made water balloons today to have a water balloon fight.   We took a little road trip to get ice cream from a seasonal ice cream place!   We played with sparklers!   I am looking forward to making many, many more special memories this summer! What special things do you remember about your childhood?