I Have Rekindled An Old Relationship

No, I’m not cheating on my husband. I have reacquainted myself with my treadmill. For several reasons lately, I have had to do all my running indoors. I wasn’t happy about it at first; but after the third day in a row of my Dopey training schedule for this week I have come to terms with it.

I had to do 8 miles today. I had an online training class that starts at 9 and it’s dark out by 6 p.m. so I knew I couldn’t get in 2 hours of running outdoors tonight. So I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning so that I could have my tea and get downstairs to begin the run at 6:00. My daughter woke me up at 4:30 because she was coughing (side effect of fall rainy wet leaves). Once I got her settled back down and into my bed I think I slept for about 15 minutes before my alarm went off. I reluctantly hit snooze and laid there for a few minutes. I knew I couldn’t waste time so I got up, had my tea, got dressed and ventured downstairs with my iPad and headphones.

I felt good. I planned on walking all of the 8 miles per Jeff’s training plan. As the first mile was complete, it was almost a 16 minute mile. At that pace it would take over 2 hours to get the run done and I really only had 90 minutes to do it. I decided to throw in a little jogging here and there. It was still a productive run. I caught up on my episodes of Nashville and watched the latest episode of Scandal (LOVED IT!) At about 6:50 my son came into the workout room and scared the heck out of me! He had a bad dream and couldn’t go back to sleep so I brought him back upstairs and set him up with a TV show so I could complete my run.

I was keeping an eye on the clock and knew I had to stop at 7:30 to wake up my daughter and get them their breakfast. At 7:30 I had 5.25 miles completed. I woke her up, made breakfast for both kids and went back downstairs. The kids were so awesome and cooperative. At 8:00 I checked in with them and told them to get dressed and brush their teeth. I made their lunches and went back downstairs. I was at 7 miles a little bit after 8:00. So after making their lunches I had to finish my last mile on the plan and get them out to the bus. By 8:30 – Mission Accomplished!

I was so glad. I got them off to school, took a quick shower, made my chocolate milk and breakfast and got ready for my 9:00 online training class. It’s nice to know that my third workout was done before the day even got going. I am feeling soreness in weird places and I know it’s from running on the treadmill. My right butt muscle feels a little weird and I feel it in my muscles in my back going up along my spine. All good things, not bad soreness, but adjustments

I am considering beginning the first 10 miles of my 23 mile run tomorrow on the treadmill so that I can be home with my kids and have it done while my husband is at work, then when he gets home I’ll finish 13 on the road so that I won’t be out of the house for 5+ hours after he gets home. This way we can spend most of the afternoon together as a family!

I am rekindling my love for my old treadmill. That treadmill has been with me for over 14 years! I began using it religiously in 2002 when I first started to “run”. Then I used it as soon as I could after my son was born and began running again after I was given the OK to run again.


Dopey Challenge – It Really Is A Challenge

This past month I started a new job. I really enjoy the new job and so far it hasn’t gotten in the way of my training for the Dopey Challenge. The challenge for me is that I was Dopey to sign up for this challenge when I never before even did the Goofy challenge! What have I gotten myself into?

My training has been going well, I will admit that. But I don’t feel as successful as I think I could feel. Maybe I just don’t know how I am supposed to feel. I do know that at times running does feel like work. Mike and Michelle talked about it on their podcast in a recent episode and it hit home with me. I do enjoy running still and I get out for my two short runs during the week and then my assigned run per Jeff Galloway. Typically if it isn’t a long run or race weekend then it is a 4 or 6 mile run. Again, I still enjoy those runs. It’s when I have the long run showing up closer on my calendar that I start to feel anxious.

I knew that next weekend I have a long run on the schedule and I can’t take a day off of work to fit it in. This means I will have to spend a weekend day running for 5 hours. It also means that I have to figure out when and how I will get out there because my husband is starting a new job and has to work on Saturday. I don’t want to spend my Sunday out running for half the day when it is the only day he will be home with the family.

So we discussed the plan over breakfast and since he will only be working 5-9 on Saturday I will head out when he gets home. This is similar to when I would go out for my long run after getting Kevin on the bus and dropping Adrienne off to preschool last year. So if I keep that mentality I will be ok.

However, the difference this time is that I have to do a 3, 5, 8 and 23 mile run in 4 consecutive days – The Dopey part. It’s getting dark out very early and it’s also dark early in the morning. I can’t run in the morning because my husband is starting his new job this week. So I’ll have to plan on doing my 3 miles Wednesday after work, 5 miles Thursday during lunch since I am taking online training at home, and I am not sure yet how I am going to get in my 8 miler on Friday. Here’s where the crazy juggling comes in.

I think what helps me not freak out too much is knowing that I only have 2 more groups of training runs like this in the next two months. One right before the Philadelphia Marathon and then before the WDW weekend the week before Christmas. I guess I’ll worry about how I’ll fit that all in when the time comes. I may have some accrued vacation time to squeeze in the long run on a Friday. I may have to fire up the treadmill in a few weeks and put in the miles indoors early in the morning. I don’t know how to get back into treadmill mode. I swore it off four years ago.

Do you have any advice on how to integrate the treadmill back into my training routine?

Star Wars Registration Opens Today!

starwarsWill you or did you register for the runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend today? Did you take advantage of the early AP and DVC registration opportunity? Will this runDisney event sell out yet another famous race?

Like the Avengers race that recently opened up for registration and sold out in record time (less than 2 hours), I believe this race is going to sell out even faster.  This has been the race everyone has been waiting for; however, there are more complications involved with the logistics of it.

First of all, it is the weekend following the marathon weekend.  If runners are participating in the Dopey challenge, 4 races in 4 days, they will then have to fly to Anaheim prior to Friday to pick up their race packets to participate in the 5K beginning on Friday.  It also means 3 more early wake up calls for the races.  If you live on the East Coast that shouldn’t be too hard, but your body is recovering from Dopey.

Second, you will be eating up a lot of your vacation time in January if you are doing Dopey then Star Wars.  For Dopey, you have to be in Florida by Wednesday to pick up your race packets and run the first race, the 5K on Thursday.  The races end Sunday so if possible, you could fly home for a few days then turn around and head to California for Thursday.

Third, you’ll be spending more money on airfare and hotel and food.  These are the consequences for registering for these races!

Fourth, Disney did add another challenge to the mix a month ago when they announced the Castaway Cay Challenge.  This is the cruise that leaves the day after Marathon Weekend and sails for 4 days, arriving pack to port on Friday.  You can still hop a flight to California for Star Wars, but you will miss the 5K.  This is also an additional pricey race to add to your list within the first month of 2015.  The price for the Castaway Cay Challenge is $65 but that’s the race only.  You still have the $1000+ cost of the cruise.

There are some positives about all of this.  If you are addicted to the bling, then you will go home with 5 medals if you participate in the Star Wars Challenge after marathon weekend because you will have the 5K, 10K, half marathon, Star Wars Challenge AND a coast to coast medal.

Is it worth it?  It would be to me, but I really can’t fork out the cash for another race registration and travel expenses.   runDisney marathon weekend is becoming the largest race weekend event in the country, and it does bring in economic activity to the area.  The same is also true when adding a race weekend event to California.  That is a positive impact of these races for the surrounding areas.  But given the time of year and the costs associated with all of the races, I just can’t do them all.

I was a fan of Star Wars when I was young, but my kids aren’t into it yet.  So even though I am not registering this year, it may be something that I’d show interest in the future.  It also depends on if it will be back in the East Coast or if it will remain in Disneyland.  For those of you registering today, may the force be with you!


I Am Doing it! I’m Registering for the 2015 Dopey Challenge – YIKES!

dopey medalsSo after much thought, I have decided to do the Dopey Challenge this year.  After running the full marathon with Kimberly, Gail and Alison and seeing all the bling they were given at the end, I felt left out.  I also didn’t wake up 4 days in a row and run all of the races, but I am prepared to do that in 2015.  For those who don’t know what the Dopey Challenge it, it is 4 runDisney races in 4 days. The first day is the 5K, the second is the 10K, the third is the half marathon and the fourth is the marathon.  Yea it’s crazy!

I am also comfortable with my decision to do Dopey because I have a plan in my head of how I will accomplish it, when my family will arrive and how I will train.  I am using Jeff Galloway as an e-coach right now and it was the best decision I have made in my running career so far.  I will continue to work with him towards my goal of Dopey.

This week I was watching Ali Vincent’s video recap of the Inaugural Dopey challenge and even though she was scared sick about doing the 4 races, she did it and she lived to tell about it.  I had the chance to meet her at the starting line of the race this year!  She is so nice and very down to earth. Not only did she run the races, but she was also busy at the expo and then was visiting the parks with her mother!

I do not intend to spend a lot of time in the parks before the race.  My goal is to save the days after the marathon to enjoy the parks with my family.  So I’d like for them to arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning and then cheer me on for Sunday and spend time in Florida for the days after the races.  This may mean that they can’t run a kid race this year and I am not so sure I want them to miss out on that chance again.  It’s a minor decision to think about at this point.  Since registration will fill up quickly I have to be 100% sure I am doing Dopey and right now I am.

As I continue through the summer with my races and my Dopey training I will keep you informed of my progress!  It’s not going to be an easy task but I am willing to give it my all!