Why Do We Blog?

Why Do We Blog?


That was the question Donald Driver presented to us in the afternoon session at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. It sounds like a simple question right? Why did I begin blogging? I started it because a friend of mine Danielle started a blog called Live, Run, Grow. I work with her cousin and her cousin told me about it. I knew Danielle had participated in Disney races and that’s where I was first introduced to the idea of running runDisney races. This was before the runDisney community exploded and the races weren’t a huge sellout like they are now. Danielle started her blog to document her training and to also share her stories about the runDisney races.

When I first heard of blogs about 8-10 years ago I thought they were stupid, honestly. I always considered them a soapbox for people to get up and blab on and on about their opinions. I never thought that one day I would have a blog. And the fact, that the blog might make me money as well, was a major stretch of my imagination. As we were boarding our plane today and I looked back and told my husband I didn’t want to leave, he asked me. Is it because you don’t want to go back to work? I didn’t think that was it, but when I thought about it, it kind of was. I mean who really wants to go to work? I don’t hate working; but I would much rather be doing things I enjoy like vacationing with my kids, taking them on field trips to learn, blogging on a more regular schedule, helping others find their happiness, doing things that make me happy.

So why do I blog? Well I started my blog back in 2012 to do what Danielle was doing. I wanted to use it as my online running journal. I used it to document my first races, my training, and to hopefully network with others. I didn’t know anything about how to write a blog, I just knew that you could host one for free with Word Press. So I took out a domain name and started blogging. The name Wife, Mother, Runner came to me very easily. I wanted the blog to cover many areas of my life, my life as a mom, my life as a runner, and my life as a wife and an individual.

Fastforward a few years and I have learned so much more. I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration on the Road in Philadelphia last year and have educated myself on how to self host my blog, get ads going with Google AdWords and there is still so much more I want to learn.

So back to the question from Donald Driver, “Why do we blog?” We all have a story to tell. The story we tell may inspire others. I didn’t realize it when I started my blog, but it does inspire others. People have come up to me and told me that the races that I run and the posts that I post about my training show my dedication and perserverance and they are inspired by that. My mother has told me she was inspired by my marathon training. Friends have told me they wanted to start running the Disney races beceause it looks like so much fun and they loved the pictures and stories I shared on my blog.

I choose to blog about most things positive. I will tell the truth; however. If something happens at a race or during my training or even in a life situation; I will blog about it. Donald said use your blog to share your pain or to share your success. It is a good way to let others know the struggles you have been through to get to where you are now. It helps them realize that maybe what you are going through might be something they are also feeling and they aren’t alone in that situation.

I have an illness called kidney vasculitis caused by Honoch-Schloen Purpura that usually strikes children. For me, it happened when I was 30 and it has caused a disruption in my life when I first got married 13 years ago. It took many years for the doctor to figure out what was wrong with me and it also caused my husband and I to have to put our dream of having children on hold for 5 years while I was treated with a chemotherapy-type medication. I was not blogging at that time; but now I want to share in my blog what I had gone through. It is a part of me and made me who I am today. It also made me the runner I am today. You can read more about it on my About Me page.

Donald said, “at then end of the day when you post something, how do you want people to feel about it?” I hadn’t thought about that when I write my blog posts. I usually write because I want to share news or even look back on my own life to see how I overcame something or what steps I took towards an accomplishment or goal I was reaching for.

What do I want my blog to become? I’d love for it to become a source of income for me so that maybe we could move and I could continue to make it a full time thing for me. Who knows? I hadn’t considered it; because I don’t know how to make an income off of my blog. Perhaps those of you who do, can we network and you can help me learn more about this possibility?

Why do you blog? I’d love to hear your story!


When Did It Begin For You

Something that I heard when I was attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration was a question of “When did it begin for you?”  That question has been on my mind since I heard it.  I have been vacationing here in Walt Disney World for a little over a week and have been enjoying every minute here with my family.  We have done many of our favorite things, and have also tried some new things that we haven’t done yet.

So when did it begin for me?  When I was young, my best friend who lived next door went to Florida on vacation.  Her grandmother lived in Florida so when they went to visit her they went to Disney World.  I never understood what Disney World was, but it always sounded so interesting and magical and special.  She would go to this amazing place and come home with cute souvenirs.  I most envied her Mickey Mouse dangle earrings.  She did give them to me when we got older and I have to see if I still have them somewhere.

Then when I was 14 my parents said they were going to take us to Disney World!  They have friends in Lakeland, Florida so we were going to rent a car and drive to Florida and visit them, go to Daytona Beach, Universal and Disney World.  It is a fuzzy memory for me; but I’ll never forget the looong drive, the South Of The Border signs that seemed to appear for days, the sunburns, shopping for new clothes and brand new sneakers just prior to going away, and piling into the back seat of a car for the longest car ride of my life.

But it was worth it.  From what I can recall, I remember driving to the parking lot of Magic Kingdom and seeing the gates welcoming us to the Magic Kingdom park.  That now is still one of my favorite things to take a picture of during my marathon and half marathon races because it stems back to that time when I saw it for the first time as a kid. I also remember seeing the castle, walking down Main Street, the Barber Shop Quartet, the horse and carriage, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the Skyway Ride (gondolas in the back of the park), the lines in the roped off ques that zigged and zagged forever, the cinnamon rolls on Main Street and the smell coming from the bakery, and the building for Space Mountain stands out strong in my memory.  I also remember fondly the Electric Light Parade at night and standing on Main Street seeing these amazing floats going by all lit up and the music playing loudly throughout the park.  It was something I had never seen anywhere else before.





As I write this post and think hard of the memories, they are coming bac to me in bits and pieces.  Is that when it began for me?  Or is it when I started to come to the parks with my husband before we were married.  He and I began coming to the parks together in August of 1998.  We had a blast coming here together for the first time.  Then we made it a yearly tradition, and sometimes we came twice during a year for a long weekend getaway.  Each time we came we learned more and more about Disney and people would often ask us why we kept going to Disney.  They didn’t understand that each time you go there is always something different you can do or something new to see, or a restaurant to eat at that you haven’t gone to before, shopping to be had and much, much more!  The same holds true when you come here with your children. First, when they are younger, you do the children’s rides with them, they as they grow bigger you can do more of the thrill rides with them, you can take them to more restaurants and the water parks.  You can stay out later with them!

Then of course, my husband and I met with a wedding planner in 2001 and he secretly booked our wedding date after we left our meeting with them.  So then the magic continued as we had our wedding at the wedding chapel 13 years ago today, and our reception in Epcot at the French pavilion outside for the Illuminations show.  So when did it begin for me?  It may have been that time when I was 14 and saw the Magic Kingdom for my first time and got a taste of it.  Only to have more and more exposure each time we came.  I couldn’t get enough of it and I still can’t!  We have to leave this amazing vacation tomorrow and we will always be looking forward to the next return trip back.

When did it begin for you?