Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On The Road” – Part 3

As I continue my series from the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration, part 3 talks about the guest speakers and what I learned from their presentations.  I am so pleased with the speakers that presented at the event.  Going into the event, I had seen the biographies from the speakers, but really wasn’t quite sure what they were going to talk about that would be relevant to me and my life and my blogging.  I also watched the seminar from Chicago via momTV, which I thought was brilliant.

The guest speakers and topics in Philadelphia were:
Victoria Lim, @victorialim, Managing Editor, Walt Disney World Public Relations
Creating Visual Content with Ease

Lessons Learned, Experiences Shared – The Life of Mom Business Owners
Amy Bradley, @toydozer, Toydozer
Kristi Gorinas, Dad Pack
Jen Groover, @jengroover, Butler Bag

You Can Be Do and Have It All How?
Debi Silber, @TheMojoCoach, Author and Founder of The Mojo Coach

victorialim2This blog post is going to focus on what I learned from Victoria.  Her presentation was my favorite presentation, and the one I took the most out of in an educational sense.  She had excellent tips and tricks about the tools of the trade used for blogging and spreading the word via social media.  She shared with us some free apps she recommends to create videos of our photographs and videos clips, technical gadgets and suggestions for maximizing your mobile tools.

Some of her simplest but most common sense tips are:

  • Horizontal not vertical.  I used this approach when taking photos and videos of my daughter’s All Star Pee Wee National baseball game this weekend!
  • Clean your lens.  How many times have you noticed pictures taken that were cloudy and fuzzy.  Yes, your phone lens can certainly get dirty.
  • Be mindful of ambient noise when doing interview or videos.
  • Keep your phone in airplane mode when doing an interview or recording a video.  This will prevent your phone from making obnoxious noises while recording and will also prevent the chance of you losing your video capture because a phone call comes through.
  • Use hot spots.
  • Get a tripod – gorilla pod is a great little portable tripod
  • Photo lens kids – you can purchase little clip on lenses from www.livingsocial.com or anywhere for around $20.
  • irig Microphone
  • rode smartlav lavalier

Victoria also gave us recommended apps to download:

iPad apps:

Part 4 of my series will focus on the emotional/personal growth I took out of the guest speakers.  I loved the variety of speakers at this event from the technical education to help you with your blogging and social media, and then there was the emotional and personal topics to help you with your life in juggling motherhood, work, home and family.  Again, it was a fantastic event that I walked away with a nice set of tools (and goodies!).


3 thoughts on “Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On The Road” – Part 3

  1. Thanks for this excellent summary! I loved her tips and her enthusiastic generosity.

  2. I would love to go to one of these things. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned!

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