Why I Love Jeff Galloway (and the Lose It! App)

I am using Jeff Galloway as my training coach and he trains you for more than just running.  I gave him my recap for my week and the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon and I mentioned to him about my goals for the summer.  One of my goals was not about running.  Despite all of the running I have been doing and the two marathons I did this Spring, I have slowly been gaining weight.  I have been getting frustrated about this and I have Jeff and Barbara’s book Fat Burning For Women.  I have been meaning to read it but just haven’t gotten to it.

In my weekly recap email I just told Jeff that I had a goal to lose some of that weight.  He simply stated to me the following information:

Fat Burning:  It’s about having a cognitive eating plan every day.  Write down everything you eat, and log it into your preferred website or app.  Then analyze it each day.  You will then start using your conscious brain to choose what and how much to eat.  Barbara’s material has helped thousands of women get the 10-15 pounds off without starving.  You can still have the glass of wine—just have put it in the “budget”.


This may sound like a “DUH” type of response, but it was an A-HA moment for me.  I had been “trying”, but I was never really trying to be conscious about my eating.  My friend Jindy has just lost 14+ pounds using the 21 Day Fix.  I was talking to her and she recommended the Lose It! App.  So I took Jeff’s advice and I downloaded the App and I have successfully lost 2.5 pounds so far in less than a week just because I started to keep track of what I put in my mouth and then I can plan my meals and snacks and treats/drinks accordingly so they are within my budget for the day and I don’t feel deprived!

The Lose It! App is great!  You can scan the bar code of your foods you have and specify the serving size you are eating.  You can also search for foods in the program and add them to the daily log.  You also keep track of your weight and can connect with friends if they are also using the app.



You can also insert your exercise from the day in there and while you carry your phone around with you, it keeps track of how many steps you take during the day.


Sometimes you need someone to state the obvious to you in order for a light bulb to go off. Jeff did that for me and I am so glad that I am moving in a direction that I feel like I have been swimming against for months now.  Thanks Jeff!  And thanks Jindy for recommending this app!  I was going to use myfitnesspal.com but when she told me about this, I downloaded it, tried it and loved it from the start.


3 thoughts on “Why I Love Jeff Galloway (and the Lose It! App)

  1. It sounds like Jeff is a great coach! I’d love to work with a coach one day when it fits with my budget (ie. when I’m not in school any more!). I’m going to check out that app, I’d love to lose just a few pounds this summer.

    • Danielle, I was so surprised! Down 4 pounds already and all I did was ask him for advice or actually complain that I wasn’t happy with my weight. He just simply stated the obvious! Watch what you put in your mouth and write it down! It took me 7 days to lose 4 pounds while in the past 4 months I wasn’t able to lose 1!!

  2. […] conscious of what I was doing, and logging everything I ate, I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks.  Jeff Galloway has also been helpful in making me think this way.  He is my running coach, but he is also an […]

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