Will runDisney Add A Second Star Wars Race Challenge?

Photo Credit:  Disney Parks Blog

Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

So now that the registration has come and gone and filled up, I wonder if runDisney will offer another Star Wars Race.  There are talks of it on the pod casts that I listen to.  All speculation of course.

Here are thoughts:

Get rid of Expedition Everest and add a Star Wars weekend the first weekend in May. Star Wars weekend takes place during May at Hollywood Studios so it would be a nice marriage of two events. The kid races and 5K could take place in the morning and then the 10K and half marathons could take place at night since it is very warm in May.  Expedition Everest takes place at night already so this wouldn’t be too different.  Perhaps don’t include the 10K with this race series and just have the half marathon at night to help with logistics.

There could be an Coast/West Coast coast to coast medal with special recognition of the two different Star Wars Challenges.

Then there is the added element of the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend taking place May 7-10, 2015.  Yet another coast to coast race going from the East Coast to the West on back to back weekends.

What do you think of this idea?  Do you think it is feasible?  Do you think it will really happen?  Would you do all of the races?


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