Pirates League Is An Awesome Experience!

2014-05-22-14.59.40pOn our trip this year we wanted to do things we never did before. We asked our son if he wanted to do Pirate’s League. He typically doesn’t like to get his face painted, but we showed him pictures of what they do there and he showed a little interest so I made the reservation and knew I could cancel it if need be. While we were on vacation he saw picture advertisements of it on the bus and liked it. So we kept his reservation.

We went on a Thursday afternoon and it was a VERY HOT day. However, this was a good time to do it because it takes place indoors in the air conditioning. When you arrive, you select from a look that you want to acquire. Then you wait until your name is called.


Once you are brought into the League, you have to select your Pirate name. The cast member asks you a few questions, puts some numbers in a box and asks the child to spin the crank three times. Then they look up the code in the book and assign you your pirate name. My son’s name was Mark Goldstealer.

2014-05-22 15.05.09-o

After you are assigned your name, you go to the waiting area. The waiting area was fun. You sit in the middle of the room and watch all the other scalawags get converted into pirates. Then when a new pirate is created everyone yells out “YO HO!” Then your new pirate name is called for you to get into a chair. My son was so anxious to hear his name called. He couldn’t wait to do it!

2014-05-22 15.39.55


He chose a pirate with a beard and he looked sooo different after they put the makeup on him!  His eyes were looking so mean!  He certainly was transformed from my sweet little boy to a rough and tough looking pirate!



After he is transformed he must recite the Pirate’s creed.  Then he is presented to the world as the new Pirate Mark Goldstealer!

After saying his Pirate Oath he is given a sword and a certificate and is lead into the secret room to have pictures taken and he is presented with a secret gold piece of treasure!


It was really adorable and my daughter told me next time she wanted to do it. I want to do it as well! I think that would be a fun thing to do as a family.


After the Pirate was created we took Adrienne over to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  Stay tuned for that blog post coming soon!



2 thoughts on “Pirates League Is An Awesome Experience!

  1. We did this experience about three years ago and thought it was AWESOME. The only thing that was a little hard for my son (he was 6 at the time) was that he was REALLY anxious about what was in the secret room. It made it hard for him to fully immerse himself in the transformation. We might have to try it again now that he’s a bit older (with his little brother too!).

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