#whyIRunDisney New Video Released – Matt Swartz

runDisney released its next video for the #whyirundisney program. Matt Swartz lost a lot weight and gained a special relationship with his children. Matt Swartz started to lose weight to survive a hike to Mt. Kilimanjaro with his 17 year old son and found out how much he loved running. While doing so, he began running with his daughters. Their time together connecting was a surprise that their love of running fueled his own love of running. He decided to run the Princess Half marathon because of his daughter Emmalie. When she asked him to run it with her he knew he couldn’t say no to this all (mostly) women’s race. It’s about the connection that he has made and wants to keep with his girls through their running. 2014-02-23 05.30.42 I had the chance to meet Matt and Emmalie at the corrals for the Princess Half Marathon this year and it was great to meet them and hear their story. I love meeting the people that are being profiled for the #whyirundisney program. Watch the video to hear Matt’s story of why he runs Disney.


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