To Stay On Property Or Not To Stay On Property (for Dopey Challenge), That is the Question

I was using David’s DVC Rentals to get prices to stay on property for The Dopey Challenge in January.  They have great prices to stay in a studio as you rent DVC points.  However, I didn’t realize that when you pay the deposit to get the prices obtained and a quote put together, you then have to book and pay the full price for the reservation with 24 hours.  I thought his program is great and I understand the need to square away the reservation right away, but having just got back from vacation, we aren’t ready to pay for another one!

I was researching into the cost of a stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first part of the challenge, and then a studio at the Boardwalk for the post race vacation with my family.  Last week I was trying to book the Floridian after viewing the rooms there and was blown away by the exquisite rooms!  But I waited a few days too long and lost my chance to stay there for a few nights.

So here’s my dilemma.  I also know that the WorldQuest Orlando Resort is a great place to stay!  My friend Amanda stayed there for Tower of Terror last year and I went to see her at her room and the place was gorgeous!  She wrote about it in her blog  Basically, you get a condo all to yourself.  They offer 2 and 3 bedrooms with 2 or 3 bathrooms, the Master bedrooms have king size beds and whirlpool tubs in their large suites (that sells me over right there).  Full kitchen, living room, eat in dining room, continental breakfast and also the resort amenities.  Like I did last January, I plan on arriving prior to my family, getting groceries and going to bed early for the Dopey challenge races.


So why the dilemma?  Because it is “off property”.  It’s not the Boardwalk or Animal Kingdom.  Will that matter?  I need help deciding. I did plan on driving from Animal Kingdom to at least 3 of the races.  If my family wants to watch me on marathon Sunday they will need to use the hotel’s transportation to get to Epcot at least.


So what do you think?  Will it really make a difference if we stay off property for this big weekend?  Help me decide!


2 thoughts on “To Stay On Property Or Not To Stay On Property (for Dopey Challenge), That is the Question

  1. That looks NICE!! I’d totally stay there for a Disney trip if I had access to a car. Though, I might have the $ for a car if I stayed offsite!!

    • That’s exactly right! You can afford the car if you do stay offsite. This place is really really nice. If you watch the video from Amanda’s site that I linked to, you get a good idea of how the place looks. It’s pretty new, quiet and very clean. Easy to drive right over to Epcot and stuff also.

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