Disneyland Paris Half Marathon – Is It Really Happening?

So the rumors have been flying around about a runDisney Paris Half Marathon, but nothing has been officially announce yet.  Last week a cast member posted a picture holding a pin and wearing a number on his shirt, which implied the race date was set.  My friend Amanda wrote about it in her blog www.Disneyeveryday.com.  The button he was holding in his hand showed a date of September, 2015.  It only leaves us to assume that the race will be September 2015.  But I’m not booking any plane tickets until I know something for sure from Disney!  I trust Amanda, she is in the know with Disney events.


Now this brings me to my next point.  I mentioned to my husband today that there are rumblings with a rumor about a Paris runDisney race.  His only remark was “oh boy”.  So I can say that there is a chance that I will be able to attend this race.  But there are MANY factors to consider when planning an International race. Updating my passport, booking a flight, where do you stay, how long do you stay, how will that race affect the schedule of all the existing runDisney races in the fall?  This will also be my first International race.  I’m exited about that!

My friend Amanda did a great review of suggestions for places to stay within the area of Disneyland Paris.  I hope I do get to attend and it would be even better if I can share a room with my other crazy runDisney friends!

Stay tuned!  Details to come (eventually!) As us crazy runDisney freaks wait for the tweets and teasers from runDisney via Twitter and their social media channels.




2 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Half Marathon – Is It Really Happening?

  1. I’m interested to see if these rumors end up being true. Unfortunately I think a trip to Paris would be out for me, if I’m going to spend the money to go to Europe I’d only do it if my husband could come and we could make a nice trip out of it, but unfortunately September isn’t a time a year he would be able to go. Plus, I’ve always thought if I’m going to travel internationally for a race I’d want it to be for a full as opposed to a half.

    I’ll sure enjoy following everyone who does get to go if it happens though!

  2. I already signed up for the Paris Marathon. I only would change to Disney if my travel buddy had to cancel then I would probably change to Disney. I had lost hope they would have a run and then the leaks appeared.

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