Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opened and We Missed It!

Seven-Dwarfs-Mine-Train-logo-jpgWhen we were on vacation there was a soft launch of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  I wanted sooo badly to get on that ride with my son and then have my husband ride it with him.  Every chance I got, I asked the cast members if we could go on.  They said it was opening May 28th, but one person told me that on the day of the Rock Your Disney Side Party there was going to be times where guests could ride it.  I was so excited!  When we walked by the ride it was SUCH a tease to see it running but we couldn’t go on it.  The squeals of the riders was killing me!


I told my son I would try so hard to get us on it.  I also tried checking with the concierge desk to see if they could get us a secret fast past – no luck.  Then the day of the Rock Your Disney Side Party they were letting guests on.  My friend Marc Acosta was on it I think 3 or 4 times that day!  Then again, he stayed for the entire 24 hours so he had time to wait in the lines.


The wait time average was 60-90 minutes.  At one point it was below 60 minutes but I just didn’t have the time to stand in line that long, and I knew my son would wig out.  We did stand in line for Space Mountain when the posting said 45 minutes and the Touring Plans lines app said 35 minutes, but we ended up waiting 70 minutes!  He did moan and groan and said he was “oficially bored”and “hated waiting in line”, and “I will never wait in line again”.  So I knew it wouldn’t be pleasant if we waited.  I also knew it wasn’t fair for my daughter to wait around for us, even if she did go on a few rides while waiting.


Every day we walked by that ride our necks would crane to see as much of the ride that we could see!  Now I’ll have to wait until October to ride it; but sadly my family won’t be there for it.  I wanted that first time to be an experience all of us could share.


Until we meet again Mine Train!



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