runDisney Announces Yet Another Race I Can’t Attend…let the wookie win

Yesterday was my first day back at work after being in Disney for 11 days.  I was catching up on everything from work and then I was noticing Facebook posts were popping up about Star Wars and a new race that was coming up.  My phone was also dinging tweets with clues from runDisney.  Sure enough by lunch time the announcement was made that there would be a race on January 15 in Disneyland for Star Wars with a 5K, 10K half marathon and kid races.

Registration Opens June 10 at noon.  I bet it sells out in record time.

This is the second race in a month that runDisney has announced that I will not be able to attend.  I am very bummed about this.  I will be running my first Dopey challenge the weekend before in Walt Disney World. I already have plans to stay in Florida from Wednesday to Wednesday.  I can’t hop on a plane and fly out West to do the Star Wars races.  I do have a job and I would like to keep it!  My husband will also kill me if I sign up for a race out West the following weekend.

Just a few weeks ago they announced the Castaway Cay Challenge which is the 5K run while sailing on the Disney Dream.  This now presents an issue for those who have registered for the Castaway Cay Challenge and who want to do the Star Wars race because the ship doesn’t return until January 15th.

I think it is great that Disney finally offered the race that everyone has been waiting for, but I wish it was taking place in Walt Disney World in May during Star Wars weekend.


5 thoughts on “runDisney Announces Yet Another Race I Can’t Attend…let the wookie win

  1. Do you have any idea how hot it will be in Florida in May? Why would you want to run a half marathon then? This post is nothing but privileged, whining. Poor me, I just went to Disney for 11 nights, I can’t be there for every event! Boo hoo!

    • I realize how hot it is Sam, and I wasn’t whining. I was just stating a fact that Disney is announcing another race, offering more to the runDisney fans, which I am. I spend a majority of my racing money on the runDisney races rather than my local races because I enjoy the friendships I have made through runDisney. I enjoy the girl weekends and the chance to make more friends while participating in these events. I am a Disney fan, if you know me, that’s just a fact. I was married there, I am a DVC member, Annual Pass holder and travel there several times a year. So I do get disappointed when I can’t do ALL of their races, but I’m not complaining about it. Just stating the facts. I’m sorry if you thought my post was privileged whining.

  2. Hey lady! Here’s your Liebster Award nomination 🙂 I can’t wait to read your answers. Enjoy!!

  3. I have to admit that Star Wars doesn’t really do anything for me so I’m really not tempted by this one (luckily!). And the cruise just isn’t in my budget and it’s not a time of year my husband can go (it’s nothing something I’d do without him!). Seems like runDisney is pulling out all the stops though with all the recently announcements!

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