There Is Always Something Being Built At Disney

On my recent trip to Disney we saw the new construction going on at the Polynesian. It seems like every May when we vacation, Disney is re-imagining their resorts.  This is the third hotel on the monorail loop that is adding Disney DVC rooms to their location.  The Polynesian resort is also changing its name to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  We rented the small boats to ride around the lakes and I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the new construction.

View from the Seven Seas Lagoon on the small water boats

The Polynesian is expanding the DVC villas with  20 bungalows right on the water.  It is a nice feature but is changing the look of the resort for sure.  The bungalows are not going to be exclusive to DVC members.  If the space is available, non-DVC guests can rent the space for their vacation.  I believe I heard on the DIS Unplugged podcast that the bungalows were going to be two bedroom only.

View from the monorail

The volcano pool area is being renovated with a water play area for children and a hot tub overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon.  Also new, will be a Pineapple Lanai kiosk with the ever-popular Dole Whip!

There will also be major changes to the lobby.  As you are used to seeing the waterfalls now, the space will be more open, similar to the look of Alani where you look through the hotel lobby to the waterfront.

Polynesian lobby concept art

Polynesian lobby concept art

Another big enhancement coming to the hotel in 2015 is Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto! Trader Sam’s will be themed with tiki cocktails served in souvenir mugs just like the bar that is very popular in Disneyland.  Trader Sam’s will reside in the Polynesian Ceremonial House and will provide a nice relaxing place for guests to hang out.  Another great addition to the monorail bar hop!

The children’s activity center formerly known as the Never Land Club is also being re-branded as Club Disney and plans to open in June at the Polynesian.  This center is available for children ages 3-12.

Within the next 6 months you will learn more about when you can start to plan your stay at these awesome bungalows!


WDW Today’s Lou Mongillo has a great video with the changes you can expect to see at the Polynesian.  Check it out!



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