Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part 2

While away at my race this weekend a few ideas came to mind for Mother’s Day gift ideas after talking to my friends who are also runners.  In addition to the suggestions I gave last weekend, here are a few more your mother runners may like to receive! magazineMagazine subscriptions to Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Running Times, Trail Runner or Ultrarunning Magazine.  Most women like to thumb through magazines, why not give your runner mother something different from what she may be already reading!  I know that I get Runner’s World magazine, but I would like to get Woman’s Running or even check out the Trail Runner magazine.  I haven’t started trail running yet, but I have been thinking about it. fitbitA Fitbit. Moms are always on the go. Do you know how many miles you cover when you aren’t working out? Are you getting enough sleep? A Fitbit can tell you that kind of useful data to help you lead a healthy or healthier lifestyle.  A Fitbit tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed.  At night it measures your sleep quality. There are several model to choose from.  Some are wristbands, some can be clipped to your bra or clothing.  The wristband model The Flex(TM) has lights on it to allow you to see if you are getting close to your personal goal.   The price range for a FitBit is $99. beecause Beecause charmscrown. Add a little sparkle to your favorite running shoes. Or commemorate a special race distance with charms that you can string through the laces of your shoes.  The price ranges from $12-15 for a set of charms. Well here’s a good list of ideas for Mother’s Day so you don’t have any excuses why you couldn’t think of something to get mom this year!  What have you decided to give your wife or mother for Mother’s Day?  Share your gift ideas with me!


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part 2

  1. I mean to ask you, how did you like your Garmin?? Which one did you end up getting?

    • Long story! I bought the 210 and the 110. Like the 110 more. But I returned the 210 and ordered the 220. Waiting for it to arrive tomorrow. I will probably keep the 220 and send back the 110. I need to educate myself on how to use it. At the race on Sunday when the laps reached the maximum for the intervals the timer stopped on me or I didn’t know what I was doing.

      • Haha, when you wrote that you were getting a Garmin to use for the marathon I almost wrote “make sure you play with it and learn how to use it before the race!” because those things sure as heck aren’t intuitive! I hated mine at first until I really learned how to use it. The Garmin website has some great tutorial videos to teach you how to use all the functions. I have the 205 now but but it’s almost 3 years old so I’ve been thinking about replacing it with the 220…looking forward to hear what you think about it!

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