Learn More About Michelle Scribner-MacLean from Mickey Miles Podcast

mickeymilesI love to listen to podcasts when I run.  As you know, some of my favorites are the Mickey Miles Podcast, Be Our Guest Podcast, Laugh or Go Crazy, Two Gomers, and the DIS Unplugged.  I decided while on a run that since I listen to these people (friends) all the time in my headphones, I’d love to start more of a dialogue with them and learn more about the voices behind the podcast.  I recently interviewed Mike Rahlmann and Rikki Niblett from the Be Our Guest Podcast because I know Mike attends the races, but learned via Twitter that he registered for the WDW marathon.  That surprised me so I reached out to him and learned that he was bit by the running bug and Rikki is also going to run the 10K during 2015 Marathon Weekend.
I have had the pleasure to meet Michelle Scribner-MacLean and Mike Scopa at various meetups at runDisney races andmichellejeffmikebarb they are the friendliest most welcoming, personable people to meet.  I had never been to a meetup before, so my first one was in Disneyland during the Dumbo Double Dare in 2013.  It was Mike and Michelle’s first time hosting a Mickey Miles Podcast meetup and it was a big success!  There were a lot of people there and Mike and Michelle were so gracious to stand in the hot humid sun to talk to their fans!  I also attended their meetup during Princess weekend this February also.  And I ran into them one night in Epcot during marathon weekend in January.  It’s nice to just run into people and they remember who you are!  That means a lot to me!
Just a few weeks ago I went to the Boston Marathon as a spectator to cheer on Michelle and other friends.  I like to support those who are reaching for their dreams.  Unfortunately I had to catch a train home and just missed Michelle by about 20 minutes!  I really wished I could have seen her!
I asked her and Mike if I could interview them for my blog and of course, they said yes!  Here is what Michelle shared with me:
Have you always been interested in running?
Absolutely not.  I have always been active. As a kid I did baseball and tennis and as a teen I did field hockey and was captain of my tennis team in high school. Running was a punishment or something I needed to do to get do the real sport that I wanted to do.
What was your first race?
My first race was a half marathon — Disney 2010 in January.  It probably would have made more sense to start on a local race but Disney felt like a safe place to start.
What was your first non Disney race?
I did the Turkey Trot on my town (probably 2011)
Do you have a dream race?
In terms of location, running in Hawaii would be amazing.  I’d love it if runDisney would branch out and do running vacations in different locations.In terms of my dream running team…any time I run with friends and family is the best.
You have been running with your son Liam lately. Do you think you will run a marathon with him?
I love running with Liam (and he’s signed up for some 10Ks this summer).  His goal is to run a half in two years. He’s not great about practicing but he’s enthusiastic about running and loves running Disney.
michelle1Now that you have accomplished the Boston Marathon (yay!) do you wish to do it again?
As someone who grew up 10 miles outside of Boston, the marathon has always been something I’ve revered but never aspired to. The events of last year and the opportunity to run for my mom’s hospital (Spaulding Rehab, who did a lot of the rehab for the bombing victims) made it important for me to run this year.  Doing the Dopey last year gave me the confidence to be able to do it. Boston was my third marathon and, by far, the most difficult. Having said that, I would do it again in a second. The crowd was amazing and the feeling of running down Boylston Street was really indescribable. I was very proud of my city.
Do you have a favorite moment from that day?
Seeing the crowds, generations of families,  with “take back our finish line” posters was really cool. However, my favorite part of the day was the hugs and the look of pride that I received from my family and friends who were there to to cheer me on.
Do you listen to podcasts when running?  What are your favorites?
I rarely listen to podcasts while I’m running (I usually listen to music). If it’s over 13 miles I’ll listen to WDWToday, This American Life, The Moth, and books on tape.
michelle4How did you and Mike become friends and decide to do the podcast?
Mike and I were both writers on AllEars.net. It turns out that we had a lot in common: running, teaching, and love of Disney. We also lived near each other and became friends. He coached me through my first half marathon and a few years later we started TeamAllEars to raise money for breast cancer research, help foster the love of running Disney, and to encourage new runners. We wrote many blogs about running and had lots of discussions with new runners. The podcast was born out of this and the desire to help folks learn about running Disney races.
I love new gear just like you do. What is your favorite gear you use?
I’m a “gadget girl.” I love my technology gadgets. My favorite is my Garmin 220.
I am also using Jeff Galloway for ecoaching. What was the most valuable thing you learned from him?
It was wonderful to work with Jeff. It was nice to have a “go to” person for my questions and he was so supportive.  
I train teachers and he’s a born teacher. The thing I learned is that running, like teaching, is a craft. You can always learn more, always improve if you want to.
Thank you Michelle for answering these questions!  I love it!  I do wish I could have given you a hug that day in Boston! But I am very proud of you and so happy you enjoyed that special day and major accomplishment!  Keep up the great work!  You and Mike are doing a great job keeping us informed of runDisney events and also of running information that we can find useful and entertaining.

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