Mother Runner Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mothersdaySo what does a mother runner love for Mother’s Day? Here are a few ideas of what I would love!

A Disney gift card – always useful for the expo or race-related purchases like food during race weekend or towards a room.

Gear – moms always love new gear. A gift card to Amazon is a perfect idea. (See the trend here?)

Southwest gift card. No explanation needed.

Apple iTunes gift card for new tunes for long or short runs.

Registration to Jeff Galloway’s e-coaching. You can’t go wrong with that!

Jeff Galloway books or other running related inspirational stories. I am currently reading Stronger by Jeff Bauman.

Running jewelry or mother runner jewelry.

Massage – Nothing says I Love you Mom better than a gift certificate for a massage so mom can recover those sore hard working muscles!

Pedicure – Runner mothers probably don’t have the prettiest feet.  So help her make them summer ready and give her some time to be pampered with a pedicure!

Being taken out for breakfast and flowed with a homemade card is always the perfect gift too!


3 thoughts on “Mother Runner Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. I love these ideas! Especially the one about Jeff Galloway. He has really helped me to run longer and even faster by taking breaks.

    • He has totally helped me too in many ways! First I started to listen to him on The Extra Mile podcast. I became addicted to hearing everything I could from and about Jeff. Then when I used his method I realized I could run farther without getting hurt so I did a half marathon, then more, then I decided it was time to do a marathon. Now I started using him to help me run more marathons, get to a time goal and also to do it without injury. Next plan is to use him for training for the Dopey challenge at Disney and then to MAYBE qualify for Boston.

  2. […] Day gift ideas after talking to my friends who are also runners.  In addition to the suggestions I gave last weekend, here are a few more your mother runners may like to […]

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