Providence Here I Come!

providenceWhen I finished the Walt Disney World Marathon this January, I came home and the first thing I did was research where I can do another marathon.  I found the Providence marathon and thought that was a perfect location because it wasn’t far from home.  I was hoping I could fine one sooner than the date of May 4; however it gave me time to train some more.

I used Jeff Galloway as my coach during this training. And it was very effective.  My last long run was done two weeks ago on Good Friday.  Now I am wrapping my mind around it.  I usually do my very long run prior to the race as Jeff recommends, however, I am beginning to think that maybe I don’t want to pursue this approach anymore.  I am torn over it because when I finish it then mentally I feel like I’ve already run the race.  But if I don’t do it, then I’m going to struggle when I have to add the additional last 3 miles to the course on race day.  The training to the full distance gives my body what I needs to endure the entire distance.  The harder part, the less physical part.

My goal for this race is to get in at 5:30 or less.  It is a very aggressive goal and I’m going to be running it with Gail, so I’m hoping that she can push me at the end so that I can make it.  I can almost guarantee I’m going to be hurting when this one is over, but it’s okay it will be worth it.  My back up plan is to be in under 5:45.

I am also looking forward to spending the night with the girls and hanging out and having dinner before the race.  It’s always good to get together with race friends. When I first chose this race, I was only planning on going by myself.  But when I told the girls that I was signed up for it they decided to join me.  Always a win-win in my book when people join me or I join others for races!  I have other friends who are running the half so I am hoping to see Michael and Diana while I am there, too!

I have been working on picking out my wardrobe for the race, we are in that temperature swing where it is beginning to warm up. I t looks like it’s going to be 60° but on the water I’m not sure how breezy it is.

Stay tuned for updates on how the event went! Wish me luck!

Have you run this race before?  What is the weather like running near the water?


5 thoughts on “Providence Here I Come!

  1. Good luck this weekend! I have never done that race but it’s on my bucket list to run someday. For training, I have never gone further than 20 miles for a marathon and 10-11 for a half marathon because I agree that it takes away the fun for actual race day!

    • But I find that when in increase my mileage, the new increase in the mileage is somewhat harder so I’d hate to have those new additional miles come on for me during the race. I also go slower on the training runs.

  2. Good luck! You are going to do awesome! Can’t wait to your review of it. Now to just figure out what we are going to wear. 😉 See you Sunday!

    • I know! I am figuring to wear shorts and a tank but am packing long pants, capris and a jacket and a long sleeve tech shirt, just in case. New England weather, can never know for sure!

  3. Good luck, can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    I’ve also never gone over 20 miles during training for a marathon and I’ve never had a problem with the last 6 miles come race day – I know you said above that you always feel like that additional mileage is hard, but keep in mind you don’t have the race day adrenaline, spectators cheering and course support which all make a HUGE difference! (Plus, I LOVE Jeff Galloway, but he really is the only person who recommends that type of mileage in training…)

    The other thing you could do is maybe run 20 and then get on an elliptical or something for another hour to simulate the additional mileage without putting the added pounding on your body, I’ve done stuff like that before when my knees or feet were bothering me too much to complete the full mileage running, you get a lot of the same benefits.

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