What I Don’t Know About Triathlons

This year with my one word resolution, my word was to GROW.  Well I think I am going to take the plunge this year and do a Women’s Triathlon.  I was considering doing the one in Norwalk in August, but it may conflict with my schedule.  So today Kim posted about the Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Women’s Triathlon that is good for beginners.  I am way more than a beginner!!  I know NOTHING about triathlons.  The good thing is, it is a sprint triathlon and a women’s only triathlon.

Like I just said, I know nothing, what I do know is, I can run and I can ride my bike pretty well.  Last night when we went to Sports Authority to get a pink batting helmet for my daughter I ventured over to the swimming section to see what they had for goggles, swim caps and bathing suits.  I just stood there at the wall and saw ALL the different goggles and shook my head.



What do I wear for the swimming part?  A one piece bathing suit?  Is there something special I should buy?

Do I wear a swimming cap?

What goggles do I wear?

How the hell do I swim??

20140424-065938.jpgThen there were the bathing suits.  I figure I can’t wear the cute mix and match bathing suit pieces from Target for the actual swim part. So I’ll have to invest in a one piece bathing suit.  That’s going to be a scary site squeezing my body into a non-flattering one piece bathing suit that doesn’t have a skirt to cover up my booty!  These suits are around $75.00.  I am going to check out Kohls.com and see if they have one piece suits that I can use my coupons for.  My husband already complained that this sport is getting to be expensive!

I listen to a podcast called Two Gomers and they have shared their experiences learning how to train for a half marathon, then a marathon and now they are actually participating in their first triathlon on April 28th.  I have listened to their training and how much they have grown and learned about doing a triathlon.  They have good swimming tips and also recommended a book called “Triathlon Swimming Made Easy” by Terry Laughlin (total immersion swimming)

What do I bring to the race?

How do I set up for transitions?

Do I need a license for USAT?

What is USAT?

This is going to be an interesting summer as I prepare for this race.  I haven’t registered for it yet, but I am planning on doing it.  I already ride my bike at least twice a week.  I have to begin doing a ride, then running to prepare for that transition from bike to run.  Oh yea, transitions…. that’s another thing I am clueless about!

How do I transition from the water to my bike?

Do I get naked and change into riding clothes?

What do I do about my hair?

Will I have goggle marks on my eyes?  LOL

In all honesty it does sound like a lot of fun as long as I don’t drown in the water first!  I’m sure I’ll be last in the race, but as long as I have fun doing it, that’s all that matters.  I will research into the results from last year to see how the other women did.  That will help me have a goal to shoot towards.  I also need to invest in a bike computer so I can keep track of my mileage and pace besides using my iPhone.  I think I need a waterproof watch or garmin type watch to also help me with my splits.

Stay tuned as I invest in this new challenge this summer!  It should be VERY interesting!


13 thoughts on “What I Don’t Know About Triathlons

  1. I just did my first triathlon and basically jumped in learning what I could from the internet and Pinterest. LOL. I actually screen shotted a picture of someones transition and set mine up the same way. There was so much to learn, but I didn’t stress over it. I knew how to swim-check, knew how to bike-check, knew how to run-check…..so I tired out a Sprint. Low and behold I placed 1st in my age group. Utter shock is an utter understatement. My 2 goals were to finish and not crash! It was SOOO fun! Relax, read blogs of first timers (the mistakes will make you feel better…like putting on your bike helmet backwards…which I did, then quickly flipped it) and enjoy the learning journey. I still have SOOO much more to learn, but at least I’ve done one to be familiar. It was a great experience. Good luck. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

    • LOL! That is great! I can’t wait to research all of these things. I think that is the fun part about trying something new. You learn and I love learning and researching and gathering all my facts and window shopping, etc.!

  2. Yes, it is very expensive. Way more expensive then marathons!!! I can’t answer all the questions because it is way toooooo much info you’d need a podcast yourself to discuss!

  3. Love your resolution! GROW- so perfect!

  4. Pam, I HIGHLY recommend the blog Swim, Bike, Mom and her book “Triathlon for Every Woman”. She answers all these questions and MANY MANY more about triathlons. It can get VERY expensive, but she also has a list of the minimum stuff you’ll need so you don’t go overboard and spend a ton just to do a sprint triathlon.

    One thing that answers a few of your questions it that for race day you should use a triathlon suit or “kit” which is something you can wear for all 3 legs of the race, you don’t actually change at all. Trust me, her blog and books answers EVERYTHING you’ll need to know!

  5. I know nothing about triathlons so I’ll say the only thing I can thin of- GO YOU!!! While I can’t offer any advice I support you all the way to the finish!

  6. I did my first tri last year and now I am hooked!! Please, stop by and ask me anything! The tri community (both in person and on-line) has been so awesome. My first piece of advice – see if you can find a multi-sport training club. Good luck!

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