The Boston Marathon Is A Week Away

One day shy of a year ago was the Boston Marathon Bombing.  The morning of the marathon I was working from home because my daughter was off from school.  I watched the Boston Marathon’s live broadcast from my laptop.  It was a beautiful morning.  The race was exciting and it planted the seed for me that I really wanted to be a part of this race someday. I remember posting to Facebook about my desire to go.  Then several hours later my mom sent me a text to see if I heard about the news.  There was an incident at the race.  I turned on the news and then saw the sad events that were unfolding.  I was so shocked.  I couldn’t believe something bad was happening at such a positive event.  Where were you when the Boston Marathon Bombings happened?

strongerbookLast week the Book Stronger by Jeff Bauman was released.  I love stories where tragedy is turned to something positive and reading of the strength of those who fight through life changing events.  Jeff Bauman was a spectator cheering his girlfriend, Erin.  He looked at the bomber in the eye just several minutes before the bomb placed just feet away from him exploded, destroying his legs.  He saw the bomber, he wanted to make sure authorities talked to him so he could tell him so they could catch the man who did this to him.

His photograph became the human face of the Boston marathon bombing victims.  This book is about Boston Strong.


Jeff Bauman is the man in this famous photograph of that horrific event. Photo: Charles Krupa, AP

Don’t waste a minute, grab this book today!  I already love the book and I am only a few pages into it.  I can’t wait to finish it and be inspired by another book about strength and determination.

Another one of my other favorite running-related, comeback from tragedy books is Matt Long’s The Long Run.  Do you have a favorite book?


3 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon Is A Week Away

  1. Where was I?….I was on the Disney Dream with my daughter and mom. I was so saddened by the news when I finally saw it on CNN. We need to learn to be grateful for every day we have with each other.

  2. I was there last year. Maybe I will pick up this book to read on the plane back to Boston. Thanks for the tip.

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