I Took My Kids Out For a Run

My daughter has been asking me when she can go out for a run with me.  She’s 5.  My son doesn’t really have an interest in going far.  He’s more of a sprinter.  At the WDW kids’ races in January, my son took off like a rocket and left my daughter and husband behind while he went for the finish line.  That’s great!  I love that.  So last night when I was getting ready to go for my run I told the kids to get themselves ready and when I came back I’d take them out for a run.  “In the street?!”, they asked.  I said yes.  They jumped up and down and cheered and clapped.  They were going on a run with mommy in the street!

I did my run and came back to get them.  Of course they didn’t have their sneakers on yet, but we got ready and hit the road.  My daughter was ready to run the entire distance up our hill.  My son who was just recovering from a fever the day before and who suffers from terrible allergies and allergy induced asthma ran about 10 steps and said he wanted to walk.  I knew that was going to happen.

I told my daughter to run to the next mailbox and we’ll meet her there.  We continued this to the top of the street.  Then we turned around to head home.  I thought running downhill would seem easier for the kids.  Adrienne chugged along with her ponytail blowing in the wind, a smile on her face and her arms swinging by her side.  My son complained that his legs felt tight, his side had a stitch and he didn’t want to run anymore!  LOL,

It’s all good. I know my daughter has it in her to do the distance, I know my son is a sprinter.  I also know he came along with us because he wanted to spend the time with me.  Next time I’ll wait until he is feeling better and maybe even just leave him home or bring his scooter!


One thought on “I Took My Kids Out For a Run

  1. Awww, how sweet is that. you have one of each in the world of running 🙂

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