Volunteering for Races

volunteersRace volunteering has been something that has been on my mind this year.  I have seen the volunteers at the Disney races and listened to some pod casts that talk about the volunteering options at races and I want to see what this side of a race looks like.  It is so easy to overlook what happens during a race.  You register, pick up your packet, show up to the race and park, walk to the start line, run your race, take water, finish the race, take a medal, eat food at the end, go home.  Do you ever notice how many people are there to make that day easier for you?  From the parking attendants to the people at packet pick up, those handing out water, giving you your medal or offering aid if you are hurt.

When I was running the Princess Glass Slipper Challenge I noticed something.  There were some volunteers who were VERY happy to be there and there were some who halfheartedly passed out the water and Power Ade.  Quite frankly I was surprised when I saw on particular volunteer who didn’t even look like she wanted to be there!  I thought when you volunteered it was because you wanted to go and have a good time and cheer on the runners.  There are some great perks to being a volunteer.  I heard that when you volunteer at Disney you get a park pass, a t shirt (or jacket if you are a manager), food and water and a guarantee of a good time.  Other race organizations offer discounts on future races.

Since I did not make it into the NYC marathon this year I am considering the 9+1 option for guaranteed entry into 2015.  That is running 9 of their races and volunteering 1 which exclude the NYC marathon but does include some of the events the night before and the expo.  That’s a lot for having to go to NYC to volunteer so I am researching into it.  Reviewing my calendar, locating where these races are and seeing what options I have.

Have you volunteered for NYC race?  Have you volunteered for any race?  How was your experience?  Would you do it again?  I’d love to hear about it!


2 thoughts on “Volunteering for Races

  1. I’ve volunteered a few times and actually really enjoyed it! Basically you just hang around, do whatever they tell you and meet people and talk about running all day!

    My problem with the 9+1 is that it gets expensive when you add up the cost of doing 9 races, plus transportation into the city, etc., I just can’t rationalize that being worth it, but if doing New York is on your bucket list and you don’t think you’re going to want to do a charity team at any point then it’s definitely a good option to consider!

    • I will do volunteering locally instead. I looked up the NY races. Most start at 9 so I would need to get on a 4:30 train and then get to the race location somehow and need to get my packet. It’s just not feasible for me. I will have to do charity or wait for my chance to get in the lottery. I will get there one day. Even if I end up doing it alone.

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