Do You Have A Bucket List?

bucketlistThe term bucket list used to annoy me, but it is the best way to describe the things that you wish to do in life one day.  I was thinking about this today when I went to the Ragnar site to see when they were holding their races near me.  Then it occured to me.  This is something I should put on my bucket list.  Then I got to thinking, what else is there that I would like to do but haven’t really pursued yet.  I do want to do a biathlon which is a run, bike, run race.  There was one in Madison for the past few years but I can’t find it now to register for it.  Do I want to do a triathalon?  Iron Man?  No, I don’t believe Iron Man will be in my future, but I think I want to stetch myself a little and try a bike-type race. 

I had a wow moment last night when I realized that I had registered for another marathon this year.  After I did my first marathon, the question was, is this a one and done?  But no, I signed up for the next Disney World marathon for the following year.  Once that was over I wanted another, and now I have three this year.  So that’s kind of cool to me to see that I am expanding my experience and training to do multiple marathons per year.  My marathon training used to be something I only did in the fall, now it’s more of a September through May event. 

I am doing my first 10K in Connecticut this spring.  I need to gain a fast time with a 10K so I can submit it for better corral placement at the Disney races for the 10Ks.  This is a race that I will to continue to improve upon throughout the year so I can submit faster times for each 10K.  These races are required for the Dumbo Double Dare, the Minnie 10K in January and the Princess Glass Slipper Challenge in February.

I’ll have to put more thought into what I may want to add to my bucket list.

Do you have a bucket list?


3 thoughts on “Do You Have A Bucket List?

  1. I had a bucket list on my old laptop, but alas that file is long lost. My daughter came to me about creating her own bucket list this past weekend. And I’m going to link your post to mine when I post my bucket list.

  2. Michelle Levett

    Well of course I have a buket list now that I’m in my 40’s. I am able to cross one of those off in the near future. After waiting 20 years I am finally able to take my daughters to Disney. Going to Disney was a vacation that my parents did 3 weeks in December every year. I have wonderful memories of our family vacations, but of course we drove down. The new adventure will be flying and seeing my daughters expressions when we arrive. Thank you for taking the time to write these wonderful blogs. You have motivated me to join a gym again.

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