I Was Not Accepted Into The NYC Marathon for 2014

I was so excited when I woke up on March 26 and knew that this was the day to receive notification if I would be running the NYC Marathon on November 2.  I know it’s silly, but these are the kinds of things that help make the long cold days a little more exciting.  So I checked my emails throughout the day, checked in with Facebook and logged into my NYRR.org account, and even checked my bank account for a pending charge.  But it wasn’t looking like anything was happening for me.

Then after my run I saw that many of my friends and fellow runners were getting their notification and most of them were going.  I checked my NYRR.org account to see this sad news:


After a few minutes of disappointment I decided oh well!  I guess I have to pick a different marathon to do that month.  I knew that Philadelphia had some good reviews and that lined up better with my training plan for the 2015 Dopey races that I want to participate in.  So I put the word out there to my Facebook account and several other runner friends of mine are going to Philadelphia so I’ll have friends to hook up with there!  Here’s Jennifer Tara’s thoughts on Philadelphia!


Registration opens up on April 1 so I will make my decision soon and then plan a new marathon for November!  NYC is not over for me, I am considering going down there to see my friends and cheer them on for marathon morning.  That way I can still experience the excitement of the NYC marathon and get my bearings for when my day does come!



16 thoughts on “I Was Not Accepted Into The NYC Marathon for 2014

  1. Rosemary Clark

    ☹ Their Loss!

    Stick to it! ☺

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  2. This whole lottery process is definitely frustrating, but I guess with the demand there is for races now it’s really the only fair way to do it. I’ve heard great things about the Philadelphia marathon and it would probably be my next choice if I wasn’t trying to not spend so much money on my running. I’ll probably end up doing Hartford or Cape since since they’re “local” for me (as in I have places to stay if I do either!).

    • I SHOULD do Hartford one day, but it just doesn’t seem to interest me. Maybe I should do the half at least. That is the weekend of my daughter’s birthday so it’s always tough to juggle the schedule.

      • Haha, it doesn’t interest you because its’s your local race, the same way New York doesn’t interest me! I don’t even want to LIVE in New York so it’s hard to justify spending $250+ to run though it! I have to admit I’m mind of excited to do Hartford because all my relatives are in CT and MA and could probably come, it’ll be nice to have people at one of my races!

      • I may be up there to cheer you guys on too!

  3. I saw a lot of this on Twitter last night. I think the more people who register, the more we’ll see these “rejection” notices. But don’t fret, you can still run for a charity.

  4. A friend of mine ran Philly last year and had a great time. Philly is a fun city to visit. I hope you have a wonderful marathon.

  5. As someone who lives in Philly, I say go for the Philadelphia Marathon! Running in Philly is a lot of fun and most of it is flat (not the part in Manayunk) so it should be a nice race!

    • I have heard lots of great things about that race, and already have a few friends who are running it with me. That’s what I love about running, you make friends so easily and can find any one of them at a just about any race to hook up with!

  6. I am dropping by for #SITSSharefest and your post caught my attention because I am contemplating on going back to running. I started last year but i got injured and I want to go back. Reading your post I love your positivity. I really planning on doing a half marathon then =)

    Might go back when the weather get better =)

    • Don’t wait for the weather. Start now while it is still cooler. I love running in the rain as well. It is so quiet and peaceful. You get wet but it isn’t the end of the world. I have a post about coaching with Jeff Galloway. His method of running is so great To get you out here and avoid injury! What state do you love in?

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