e-coaching with Jeff Galloway

I had been considering hiring a running coach for about 6 months now but didn’t do it.  I wanted to do it last August after pulling my hamstring and needing physical therapy.  Then after the therapy worked and I wasn’t hurting anymore I decided I didn’t need to.

After the WDW marathon I came home and wanted to do another marathon sooner rather than later.  I didn’t want to wait until the fall and because I had the mileage base under my belt I wanted to get one done in the spring.  I found the Providence Marathon.  This was perfect!  It’s a short drive from home, the course looks nice, the price was good and several other friends of mine decided to run it.

When I went to the Princess Half marathon a little over a month after the WDW full marathon, I wasn’t happy with my training.  I was struggling with hip flexor pain and my running was very, very slow.  I was hoping to talk to Jeff Galloway at the expo, but didn’t get the chance.  When I got home I made the decision.  I was going to do e-coaching with Jeff Galloway!  Why wouldn’t I?  I follow his training plans, I met him twice and I love his training method.  I already read several of his books and I believe in his method of run/walk/run.  Because I was planning on running another marathon within 6 months of my last, I wanted to do it in a way where I wouldn’t hurt myself, since I seem to be prone to injury.  I also wanted to use it as a method to prepare me for a decision to do Dopey in 2015.


What comes with ecoaching?

  • Individual Training Program to the goal of your choice by Jeff Galloway
  • A copy of one of Jeff’s books (Galloway Training Program, Galloway’s Book on Running–2nd Ed. or Year Round Plan)
  • Direct email access to Jeff, for questions and clarifications, with priority
  • Free Monthly E Newsletter
  • Opportunity to ride on the Galloway Bus for the New York City Marathon start
  • Discounts on Fitness Vacations at Lake Tahoe Meet and run with other Galloway Members at races around the world

I am  three weeks into the training plan now and I have been very happy with it.  I was surprised with the intervals Jeff recommended and the pace for my long runs, but I can see now why they are recommended.  I also liked the other workouts he prescribed from cadence runs to hill repeats.  I never took those workouts seriously before, but now I see how they are effective for the whole process of building other muscles and to help with speed.  My recover on my 2 last long runs were very quick and just this past Friday with my 20-miler I was able to hike Sunday and ran and rode my bike on Monday and didn’t even feel like I ran 20 miles just days ago.

On April 6, Jeff will be at the Harvard Pilgrim Middletown Half & Legends 4-mile run.  I hope I get the chance to run with him during the 4-mile run.  Every time runDisney had a meetup the guests had the chance to run with Jeff.  I never had the chance.  If not, I will be sure to get another picture with Jeff!  I am also looking forward to participating in his Jeff Galloway 13.1 Inaugural race in Atlanta in December.


2 thoughts on “e-coaching with Jeff Galloway

  1. It sounds like working with Jeff has been a good experience so far! I’d love to work with a coach to reach a time goal one day, but unfortunately while I’m in school I don’t think it’s going to be in my budget!

    And you’re right, those type of drills and hill repeats are so important and I am so bad at doing them! I really need to be more conscious of adding those into my training plans!

  2. […] am using Jeff Galloway as my training coach and he trains you for more than just running.  I gave him my recap for my week and the Heartbreak […]

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