Everyone has a story…. my sister’s story


My sister is seven years younger than me.  Two years ago she went through something very difficult that I feel has changed the way she looks at life and approaches challenges that comes her way.  She was diagnosed with oral cancer.  This is not common for someone her age.  She didn’t fit the criteria for someone to have oral cancer.  It wasn’t fair.  But is cancer ever fair?  It was difficult for all of us to hear of her diagnosis.  She was a mom of two boys, her youngest just six months old and her oldest was two.  She had to have surgery to remove a large portion of her tongue, then a month later had to have 29 lymph nodes removed.  This hasn’t slowed down her talking though!  If you didn’t know her,  you wouldn’t know she had to have that surgery, except for the scar on her neck.  I don’t know how she feels about her scar, but when I see it I am grateful that she came through this with a great outcome.

It took her a while to write it all out, but she has written about her story in her own blog.

Sadly it seems like we all know someone close to us who has been faced with the challenge of fighting cancer.  Hopefully, it has a positive ending and life-changing affect in a positive way.

I love you little sis!


One thought on “Everyone has a story…. my sister’s story

  1. So sad and scary. While of course it was upsetting when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, if it had to happen I’m glad it was when my sister and I were grown adults on our own. I have a great mother, and she made it her job to be everywhere doing everything when we were younger. I’m glad she got to be supermom before she had to deal with being sick. I can’t even imagine what your sister is going through. I’m so happy she hit that 2 year milestone and can feel a little safer! ❤

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