Planning my Year for 2014

So I have two significant race weekends under my belt,  and the Disney Marathon and Princess Glass Slipper Challenge.  Those are two big race weekends for me.  Now I am focusing on my local races.  I hired Jeff Galloway to be my e-coach and I am now working towards my plan for the Providence Marathon on May 3.

Mentally, I am struggling.  I don’t feel like I just did a half marathon last weekend because IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  However, I did so I need to do as Jeff says and start working my with my conscious brain to tell my subconscious brain that I can do this.  On the plan is a 17 mile run this weekend.  I feel like I just had a set of long runs when I was training for the full marathon. But that was really a long time ago because it was back in November and December when I was ramping up the miles.  So this is the part of the training that takes more mental work than physical.  I have to believe in myself that I can prepare for this race.  Even though it is soon after my January marathon.

Back in the day I NEVER thought I would really do a marathon, and now here I am preparing for another one within the same year as doing my second one.  I am looking forward to working with Jeff and I know that he is going to help me achieve this goal and help me set my future goals without getting injured and I have to trust him and LISTEN to what he recommends for my intervals.

My future goals are to finish the Providence full with a decent time, to work towards training for Dopey for 2015 (YIKES), and MAYBE, just maybe to qualify for Boston one day.  I don’t know when that day will be, but I’d like to get some more marathons under my belt to see what my potential is to reducing my times to prepare for a goal like that.

Do you have goals for 2014?  Do you have fears?


2 thoughts on “Planning my Year for 2014

  1. I have goals, and races lined up, and this nagging voice saying “run a marathon.” I’ve run 2 half marathons and have 2 more in the books! I’m scared and excited- good luck with training 🙂

  2. I know for sure I’m running the Space Coast Marathon in late November, but I’d really like to run one before then. I need to pick one!!

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