Random Acts of Kindness

I went to my mailbox yesterday and there was a surprise in there for me.  I saw the address of where it was from and couldn’t imagine why I was getting mail from her. I opened it up and found this!

card1 card2It totally made my day!  My friend Shannon is someone I knew since I was a teenager. She moved away and then I found her through another friend on Facebook in 2008.  What an amazing thing social media is.  We both have 2 young children and love running.  We have busy lives but we stay in touch with each other every day.  We try to meet up when I come down to Florida for the races and saw each other briefly during marathon weekend this past January, but it wasn’t long enough!

Friends are so great to have!  I didn’t realize how much I mean to her so I am so glad she took a minute to find that card and send it along my way!  Something as little as mailing a card to someone can really add to their day.  Take some time to do something nice for someone!  You have no idea how much it can help them.

Has anyone done a random act of kindness for you lately?  Have you done something for someone else?  If not, do you plan to?


8 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Michelle Levett

    Hi Pam, It’s me Michelle. What a lovely suprised to get such a thoughtful card in the mail like that. The act of kindness that you give you shall always receive as well!! You touch many people in so many ways. Love your blog, love your facebook posts, and love the motivation you give me!!!

    • Thanks for your kind words Michelle! I really only started my blog as a diary of my running achievements and as a training log. I love that it is motivating and inspiring people! I am glad to hear that it is having a positive impact on your life!

  2. TickleandDelight

    This is such a cute story. It’s inspired me to do something similar for some of my friends near and far … 🙂

  3. I love being able to do RAOK, thanks for the reminder that I need to get back on the job! 😉

  4. Real greeting cards coming in the real mailbox…this is a good idea. We’ve gotten away from those things with e-mail and Facebook…time to get back to sending hand written notes!

    Connecting with you via SITS Comment Love. Happy Blogging!

  5. How sweet! I love getting “real” mail.

  6. Awww what a great ROA of kindness

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