I met Chris and Heidi Powell!

During the marathon weekend, Saturday was a day without a race for me so we made it a Magic Kingdom day.  On my first night in Florida I saw on Facebook that Chris Powell posted a photo of the fireworks in Disney World.   I realized he must be down for one of his client’s challenges.

I mentioned it to my husband while we were walking at the park and not more than 10 minutes later he spotted him at the Dumbo ride with his wife Heidi!  Heidi and Chris got on the ride so I asked their nanny if they would mind me asking them for a picture.  They were soooooo friendly and completely cool, normal people.  I talked to Heidi more than Chris because I read her blog and I really loved her posting about being Wonder Woman after having a baby and I wanted her to know that I really enjoyed it.  I was also a little too nervous to talk to Chris!  He was standing right next to me!

thepowellsI had such a great weekend for the marathon and the races, but it was even so cool to meet the fitness celebrities during that weekend.  Ali Vincent was at the race and I met her on the starting line of the full marathon, too!  She is the first female winner of The Biggest Loser.  She has a great show called Live Big with Ali Vincent which has great real world topics on how to eat and live healthy and she gets real this past weekend when she steps on the scale for the first time in years and learns what she now weighs.


At these races it is great to meet other runners.  It is also great to meet people who motivate others like the trainers for the shows of Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss. They work just as hard as the contestants and form lasting bonds and friendships with them.  It is evident in the way you see them on their shows and also how they are with their fans.

Keep up the great work Heidi and Chris!  Your passion for your work shines through in your every day lives!


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