One Word Resolution…

I love to listen to pod casts when I run.  This weekend  I needed to be out on my walk/run because I needed my peaceful time to myself. It was a grey, cold, windy morning.  Normally, people would prefer to be cuddled up on the couch with their coffee in a warm home.  Normal people do.  I wanted to get outside.  The temp was 25 degrees, a heat wave compared to the 10-15 degree temps we have been dealing with this week.

I started my walk with a mile or just walking to warm up my body and my legs.  They are still recovering from marathon weekend.  I was listening to the Two Gomers Run For their lives podcast season 6 episode 8 (link to podcast). They have been a favorite of mine and they are now working on a goal to do a full triathlon.  They are just 2 dads, normal guys, who are working towards goals of living a healthier life and becoming more active.  They have gone from running their first half, to their first full, to a sub 5 hour marathon, and now they are venturing into the triathlon world.  They are funny.  I was enjoying my time alone, laughing with (and at) the Gomers and learning as I go.

Every year for New Years, they talk about a one word resolution.  I typically don’t play along with this, but a word came to me that I thought was appropriate for what I have been going through lately.  So I am going to apply it to my year this year.  The word is GROW.  I am going to work on growing my running skills, my blog, my friendships, my work, my web design, and my creativity.

It was a rewarding, healing walk/run and I am looking forward to more growing time with myself to spark more creativity and new ideas!

Some of my other favorite pod casts are:

Another Mother Runner
Mickey Miles Podcast
Laugh or Go Crazy
The DIS Unplugged
Mouse Chat
WDW Today

What are your favorite pod casts?  Do you have a one word resolution for 2014?


4 thoughts on “One Word Resolution…

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