This is why I run!

1112130911As a follow up to my earlier post Why do you run, today is a perfect example of why I run. Monday night I saw that there was a chance for snow showers in the forecast so instead of running Monday night I decided to save my run for Tuesday morning.  I love running in snow showers.  Well, I didn’t quite make it in time to run while the snow was falling around me, I still got out there when it was cold and quiet.

deerIt was a beautiful run.  Snow coating the leaves, wild geese feasting on the crumbs left in the fields and 4 deer crossed the road in front of me!  (hard to see in the picture, but one looked back at me from the field).

I love getting outside when it is cold out and especially when snow is falling.  It’s so quiet and peaceful.  I also had to get in a recovery run after my 20 mile run on Friday and I felt great.  I didn’t have any soreness hanging around from my long run.  During the weekend I was eating red peppers and home made vegetable soup and drank coconut water to help with the recovery effort and inflammation.


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