Why do you run? Why do you run Disney?

When I was out on a run recently I was thinking about everyone else’s pod casts and blogs and thought to myself, I wonder why everyone else runs. I know that I run because I enjoy the time outside, I have made a lot of new friends at the Disney races, and I feel better knowing that I am doing something that is good for my body.

When people learn that I run one of the first things they say is “I will never run”, or “my knees hurt when I run”. They also say that they are too heavy to run. It’s all just an excuse. I tell them to never say never. Anyone can run. You don’t have to run the whole way. I don’t. I use the Jeff Galloway method of run/walk/run. This has allowed me to run complete a marathon, which I thought would NEVER happen. I always WANTED to run a marathon, but I never really thought it would happen. Now I am training for my second one within a year of my first and I have a list of marathons that I would like to do such as the Marine Corp Marathon, NYC, Chicago and Nike Women’s Half in Washington D.C. to name a few. This coming from a 41 year old wife and mother of 2 children, who only started to run races in 2010!

Why do I run?  I started many years ago on my treadmill in my basement after I was told that I had an autoimmune disease but they doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. You can read more about that in my About me page.  But I was determined to go against what my mind was telling me and being sick.  I didn’t want to think that something was wrong and have to deal with taking steroids and immunosuppressants.  So running for me was a coping mechanism.  But I didn’t consider myself a runner back in 2002.  I really started running in 2010 when I started my journey outdoors and invested in real running gear and registered for races.

runDisney-LogoWhy do you run Disney?

I first heard of runDisney from Danielle Nardi www.liverungrow.com. I work with her cousin and she told me Danielle started a blog about running. So of course, I had to check it out because I was a sponge trying to learn as much as I could about running at the time. I never knew that there was so much you could learn about running. I thought you just put on some shorts, sneakers and sunglasses and run. Well, you could do that; but eventually you will chafe, get shin splints and burn out. There’s a whole community and industry related to running. My wallet can attest to that!

Danielle talked about the Wine and Dine half marathon in her blog and it sparked an interest in me.  She also talked about her first marathon and that’s when I was roped in.  It planted the seed for me and during the spring of 2012 I decided to train for a half marathon in CT.  During that training I thought that I may be able to do a full one day. I went with my husband and kids to our Disney trip in May and that’s when I decided to go for it.  I signed up for the full marathon in June along with Sarah McGovern Luka  from Running at Disney.  My training was hard but successful and I had an awesome experience for a first marathon!  I met Mandy Remo and her husband Ken and we have become friends and they welcomed me into their family on my trip to Disney Land this past September.  I remember distinctly on marathon morning that Mandy told me once I do one Disney race I will want to do more!  Boy was she right!

So why do I run Disney?  Why not run Disney?!  Their races are great!  They are so much fun, the entertainment along the course is awesome!  The medals are beautiful!  The costumes are so fun!  The water stops are plentiful, the expo is loaded with great merchandise and guest speakers, and the friendships I have made along the way are incredible!  I have been chatting with Laurel Moffitt who is all the way in Japan, I met Mandy and Kenn Remo from Michigan, Sarah Luka from West Haven, CT, Danielle Nardi and Jennifer Lazzaro from NY and Linda Bachand who is working towards her marathon maniac status!  Oh and Ann Cook and Mickey Wellmon!  I can’t wait to make more friends in my next upcoming races!

DSCN0039 totfinish

What RunDisney race will you be running in 2014?  I am registered for the 10K and full in January, and the Princess half in February so far.  Hope to see you there!


10 thoughts on “Why do you run? Why do you run Disney?

  1. My first runDisney race will be the two runs for the Glass Slipper Challenge in February. That will also be my very first half. I’m scared & excited all at the same time. I can’t wait to meet other bloggers & runners & hopefully make some new friends!

  2. I’m doing WDW for the first time, and Tinkerbell the weekend after. I live near Disneyland, so it’s much easier to do those races than to do the ones in Florida. The high cost is getting to me, though.

    • The costs are definitely a factor with these races, but I have been doing more of the Disney races and less of the local races. After going runDisney, it’s hard to go non-runDisney! So you will be getting your Coast to Coast medal! I got one in DL Labor Day weekend and loved it!

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  4. Register for Princess half, and room booked for DisneyLand half (toying with doing Dumbo’s Double Dare)! I have never Run Disney, but my husband and dad have done all combos of WDW marathon weekend!

    • I should probably book a room now for DisneyLand despite whether I will do it for sure so I will have a room like I did last year and won’t have to worry about it last minute.

  5. Aww, I don’t think I actually knew that my blog was the first you had heard or runDisney, that’s awesome!

    I have to agree with you, I have met so many awesome people through running and runDisney events, I honestly can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t started running – funny how these things happen isn’t it??!

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