Weekend training for Dumbo

As we are 24 days away from Dumbo Double Dare, I am getting nervous. I want to get in one more long run. My longest run this week was 5 miles. While it hurt when I started my run, I am glad I was able to do the full distance. My hamstring issue is now moving its way to my IT bands so I am wobbly and hobbling the day of my runs. I am foam rolling and doing my PT exercises religiously. I hope with at least 4 sessions of therapy that will resolve the issue quickly. Looking at the calendar in front of me, I’d like to have a 8 or 12 mile run between now and August 18 to allow time to taper before the race.

I also have on my to do list is to create a list of things for packing:
-purchase a park pass
-arrange for shuttle transportation
-check my hotel reservation
-making a list of things to pack

I remember things like pack some snacks (pb crackers, pretzels, oatmeal, tea bags and sugar) that I can have in my carry on. I want to purchase powerades while I am there to make sure I have some for race day in my fuel belt.

I have also been gathering up my costume pieces and made a pile of them with carry one bags in my room. I need to organize it all in my mind and in person.

There’s one more thing that I am working on between now and the race. I want to lose a few pounds. Who knew that even though we run, we gain weight. I feel like I am actually gaining because I don’t eat enough. Ironically, the day will go by and I will realize, hey it’s 12:30 and I haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast. Time to have my lunch. But I know from the past, that you should feed your body every 3 hours (5 small meals a day). So I signed up for the program I did once or twice before, Rob Nevins’ Living Lean . I’d like to at least lose 5 pounds. I swear it’s from the beer. I like to enjoy a beer with dinner during the summer. I don’t have one every night; but it’s refreshing with dinner when we cook on the grill.

Do you all feel like even though you run, you are carrying extra pounds that snuck up on your or that just won’t go away? What do you do to get rid of them?


One thought on “Weekend training for Dumbo

  1. I bought my Powerades at the hotel vending machines last year in DL if I remember correctly, I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding them!

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