PT evalution

I had my PT evaluation today.  She did what I thought she would do,  Measured my range of motion and strength.  Then I sat on a heating pad for 10 minutes.  Then I laid on the table and she stretched out my hamstrings.  30 seconds on each leg in 3 different positions.  They are hard but good stretches.  I already felt better after she did that.  She also showed me some leg lift exercises.  Simple little leg lifts for 5 seconds (15 times); but my leg was tired.  It’s amazing how many different muscles we use when we run and if one area is weak it can have a chain reaction.  After some IT exercises (that I had also been doing at home for the past month), she had me roll on the foam roller for 4 minutes and that was it for today.  She didn’t use the ultrasound steroid gel.  Maybe I won’t need it this time around.

I decided not to run today because in the morning my legs were still very sore even just walking around my house.  No sense rushing myself into a run if I am not ready yet.  This week my plan was to back off on the miles and pick them up again next week.  By then I will have 3 PT sessions under my belt and should be in much better shape for a longer mileage run.  

I have been searching the internet for costume ideas for Dumbo,  Still getting excited, and hopeful that I will recover quickly from this event.  Does anyone have any costume ideas to share?  I have a lime green sparkle skirt that I think I want to use for the half marathon.  I am also going to look in my daughter’s dress up box at her wings to see what I can use.  I already have my idea for Minnie for the 10K.  So I think I want to see what I can do for the half that has minimal impact while running a half marathon.  Share your ideas! 


One thought on “PT evalution

  1. Have you checked out the team sparkle site for costume inspiration? Their blog has lots of great costume ideas all laid out. Pinterest is really good too. It sounds like with a green skirt tinkerbell or Mike Wazowski are the easiest choices!

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