How to pack for Dumbo?

While during my long run on Sunday I was trying to use some mental tricks to take my mind off the run.  One thing I was doing was thinking about how I would back for Dumbo.  I want to only bring a carry on or two; but how will I pack everyhing I need for two races and no laundry machines?

– 2 sports bras

– 2 pairs running socks

-2 compression shorts

-1 pair of capris (just in case it is cooler)

– sneakers

-2 skirts

-2 shirts

-fuel belt and gus



This list is just the running gear, I still have to pack my makeup, clothes for the park, travel clothes, flip flops, and toiletries.

I started to design costumes in my mind. I ordered a team sparkle skirt and I have to decide on a top. I would love the raw threads Good Girls Bow top, however I have to wait to pick it up at the Expo and I am worried that it won’t fit.

Do you have any suggestions for packing for a race weekend without having to check baggage? What are you using for a costume for the races?


8 thoughts on “How to pack for Dumbo?

  1. How do I avoid OVERPACKING for Dumbo is my question 😉 I’ve done racecations before so the essentials go first, I just know we’ll be there a week from Florida so want options!

  2. Hi Pam – just found your new blog via Twitter! I really like your costume idea! Not sure if you’ve ever tried a Raw Threads tank before, but they are REALY comfortable! Are you planning on wearing the same costume for both races or just dressing for one of them?

    I’m doing a simple costume for the 10k, but I don’t think I’d like being dressed up for a half!

    • Hi Danielle! I think I am going to just wear a costume for the 10k and then I will wear my new swirl gear clothes for the half. I am a brand ambassador for swirl gear now.

  3. I am a NOTORIOUS over-packer, so I don’t think I could ever get away with just a carry-on! However, I think your packing list is off to a great start! I’m getting SO excited for Dumbo, and I’m working on my costumes now — I’m going as Mike Wazowski for the 10K, and Sulley for the half! Just a heads up — I have that Raw Threads tank in gray, and I think it runs kind of on the larger size, if you end up purchasing it. The Raw Threads ladies are super nice, so I’m sure if you wanted to exchange it for a different size when you pick it up at the expo that it wouldn’t be an issue. 😀

  4. I never know what to pack and end up over packing! Could you ship some items ahead of time so it’s there when you get there?

  5. Packing for a running trip away is tricky, but can be done! I took only one carry-on with me when I went to Orlando for the Princess Half Marathon and I was there for 5 days. My suggestion is to travel in your sneakers and pack your flip flops, sneakers take up a lot of room in your luggage. I was able to pack both costumes for both the 5K and Half races, compression socks, regular socks, one pair of jeans, 3 pairs of shorts, 5 tops, sleeping clothes, undergarments, toiletries and makeup. I still had room to bring home all the race shirts, swag and expo stuff I bought and was able to get it into the overhead compartment even!
    Just take the essentials, and just enough for how many days you will be there. If you spill on a pair of shorts, you will be able to re-wear a pair you have used already without issue. Just try to keep bulky items out of your luggage (sneakers, sweatshirts), you can put so many things into that space! OH! Don’t forget your bathing suit! Should be warm enough to use!

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