One month to Dumbo

Well, I finally broke a milestone for myself lately, I ran 10 miles Sunday.  I haven’t run double digits since my half marathon in Cheshire on April 29.  Sadly, 10 mile runs used to be short runs for me a little over a year ago.  Time for me to begin building up this mileage to prepare for the Dumbo Double Dare, and also for the WDW marathon in January.

Dumbo Double Dare is just about a month from now.  I am still battling an injury and will be moving forward with physical therapy.  I am hoping doing this a month before the race will put me back on track.

I pushed through my run after walking a bit in the beginning, then limping, then run/walking. My speed hasn’t been fast, but I am learning something. I am learning that to go longer, you don’t have to go faster. It’s all about building the endurance.
I guess hovering around 11 minutes per mile isn’t all that bad considered my leg is bothering me and it was still quite hot and humid during my run at 10:45 – 12:30 mid day. I ran in a newer pair of sneakers, but I don’t like the model so much. They are the Nike Lunarglide +4 model. I prefer the Nike Lunarglide +3 model and am waiting for a pair that I ordered on ebay to arrive. I think the sneakers are a key factor in my injury and also the way I feel after a long run. The +4 model seems to not have as much arch support in them and now my calves and both hamstrings were more sore. I may use those for faster, shorter runs.

What do you do when you get injured?  Do you try to nurse it yourself or do you go see someone right away?  What have you found to be helpful when you are hurt?


One thought on “One month to Dumbo

  1. I’m very fortunate to not have gotten hurt since I started running, but I am totally a procrastinator about going to see someone when I do get hurt…I usually just assume it’ll go away at some point! Good luck with your training!

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