Dumbo Double Dare Training continues

Dumbo Double Dare training countdown

I am on vacation in New Hampshire celebrating my 3 year anniversary of running outdoors. To end my week here I went for my last run today. I ran 4 miles. I am pleased with the number of runs I went on while here.

It is hot here, very hot. In fact the whole nation is in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. But I am glad I was still able to get out and run. My times aren’t the best, but I am still maintaining my endurance.


Recap –
Sunday 3 miles
Tuesday 3 miles
Wednesday 6 miles
Friday 4 miles

2013-07-19 11.37.22 2013-07-17 12.16.36

I am feeling an issue starting to visit me again from an injury last year. My IT band and hamstring are acting up. I am working on rolling it out and stretching and doing my PT exercises. I am hoping not to have to go to the doctor but I will if it isn’t improving after D3 and when I am ramping up my mileage to train for the marathon. The cortisone therapy is what really helps with the deep massage.

I read a great blog from a fellow #TeamRunDisney member Laurel http://penniestoyennies.com/?p=243 about her Dopey experience and the marathon DNF. I had considered doing the Dopey; but now that I am training for the Dumbo Double Dare, even though it is just a 10K and a half back to back, you can’t underestimate the miles and what it does to your body. I am learning this while training. I don’t typically run back to back days and I am hoping that I am not ruining by body while doing it now.

These multiple event weekend sound like fun, but they are hard.



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