3 years

I have reached my 3 year anniversary of when I began a more serious approach to running.  As I stated in the beginning of my blog, I didn’t consider myself a runner, but once I started to run outdoors and participate in races, then it really became something more for me.  Now three years later, I am on vacation in New Hampshire and still running.  I went on three runs so far and loved all of them.  It has been exceptionally hot this week and my runs haven’t been my best; but I am learning that not all of them will be.  My training for the Dumbo Double Dare seems to be a little behind.  However, I did a 3 mile run on Tuesday and then a 6 mile run on Wednesday so I am sticking with back to back runs.  I need to increase my mileage to get back into my half marathon mileage.

This week I have had some great opportunities come my way.  I am now a Swirlgear Amabassador.  Thanks to Jennifer Tara from the #TeamRunDisney group, I have connected with Marisa from swirlgear.com and am going to help them market their products by wearing their gear and spreading the word.  Check them out at www.swirlgear.com

I have also become a Sweat Pink Ambassador!  I love these opportunities to network with other runners, especially women and mom runners.  I love even more, the chance to test out new gear and provide feedback on it.  It has made me learn that I want to do more of what I love and that is run, and get involved in running communities.  I wish I could get paid to run!  But I guess I have to keep my day job.

If you want to purchase swirlgear.com items, please contact me and I can provide you a special code for checkout that will give you free shipping.

I am looking forward to meeting the other swirlgear Ambassadors at the Dumbo Double Dare, too!



One thought on “3 years

  1. How cool! I’m a new runner meaning I’m learning how to run haha 🙂 I really enjoy running but I cannot run for long. I think your blog will really help me out in my journey. I’m also a sweat pink ambassador I love being able to meet people like you.
    Have a great day

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