Back On

It’s been 1 week since my horrendous back incident, and I am pleased to say that I was able to run today.  I ran yesterday, my first run since it happened.  I did a short and easy run of 2.25 miles.  My time wasn’t as fast and it was previous to the injury, but I need to be thankful I am moving again. 

Today’s run was unplanned in terms of distance.  I knew I wanted to do at least 5 miles; but I was prepared to bail whenever necessary.  I didn’t exactly want to do much farther than that since I haven’t done more than 5 miles in the past 2 weeks.  It was a VERY humid and hot morning.  I wore my fuel belt with Gatorade so that I would have some fuel with me to avoid further injuries by staying hydrated.  I was sweating head to toe within the first mile.  My fastest mile was my third but then I was feeling a little lightheaded.  So I walked more during the fourth mile. 

Overall, I am pleased that I am back on track for the Dumbo Double Dare training.  I have done back to back runs, even after injury and not running for a week.  I enjoyed taking walks during that week and may resume that on my non-running days.  I’d like to take the kids with me on walks.  I am learning how to handle the fatigue on back to back runs.  I was remembering during today’s run that I did just run the day before so that’s why my legs also feel a little more tired than usual.  I also have to remember that on very hot and humid days that my pace will not be at its best.  Summer training resumes.  The weather will remain this hot.  I hope to go for a longer run on Friday.  I would like to do a short run earlier in the day on July 4 and while the kids are in camp on the 5th get in a 6.5 or 7 mile run.  That’s my plan.  So it’s back on again, hoping for no other issues with my back.  I have made adjustments at work to have a standing work station and when I do sit, it will be for shorter periods of time, with a new chair and the correct ergonomic set up.

Just 60 days till Disney Land!!  HOLY CRAP!


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