Back Off

I have to write this post about my back so that when it happens to me again I can look back and know what I did to help make it better and know how long it took to get better.  On June 6th my back went out on me.  I hadn’t had an episode with it in over a year so I was disturbed that it happened.  After two visits to my chiropractor and his wife I ran 6.5 miles 3 days later on June 9th.  That was my longest training run towards the Dumbo Double Dare.  I ran the Branford Road Race on June 16th and got a PR, then I ran 4 miles the following day with a decent run.  On Saturday, June 22 after not having run since Wednesday, June 19th my back seized up on me in the middle of my easy walk/run.  For a few days prior there were hints that it was not balanced and I actually said out loud, “Oh no I think my back is going to go out soon.”  I should have picked up the phone and made an appointment with Dr. Pat right then.  Then Saturday, I was cleaning out my closet and it was slowly seizing up on me.  I was icing it an using my legs and not my back to pick up things, but at that point it was too late.  I did a quick arm workout and dressed for a run.  My husband warned me that maybe I shouldn’t run, but I never listen when he warns me.  This time deep down I think I knew he was right.  However, I was going to take it slow.  I walked up my hill then started to do some running.  After 1.25 miles it hit me.  It stopped me in my tracks.  I knew Kevin was mowing and wouldn’t have his phone with him, so I had to hold my lower spine while I walked the 1.25 miles back home.  I was not happy.  I tried to reach my doctors, but they were away for the weekend.  Ice, ice ice, is the only way I got through till today.  Saturday night was my worst night ever, I couldn’t even walk from my bed to the bathroom because the compression shot pains down my legs.  I had to wake Kevin up for help. 

I saw Dr. Pat today and already have some relief.  I think this will require 3 visits and hopefully I can take walks during the week to keep my legs in shape and my mental workout going.  I will continue to post my recovery so when it happens again I won’t get depressed, I’ll know there is an end in sight and I do recover from this. 


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