26.5 mile breakdown

On December 20 I did my last long run prior to the marathon. It was a LONG run to say the least. Here is the breakdown… and during the run I did have my own little breakdown.

During the first few miles I was struggling to mentally and emotionally to get geared up for this run. With the recent Newtown tragedy, my heart was already very heavy with sadness along with the other emotional situations going on at home. Kevin called me around mile 2.5 and we were both feeling overcome with emotions for his day ahead and I was feeling it for my run ahead. After we hung up I talked to my sister briefly and went on with my run. Mile 7 started to pick up a little. I had a Gu at mile 5 on the way up the hill past our house so i think it was starting to give me a little help. I was listening to a podcast about positive living and envisioning a goal you want and working for it.

As I was approaching the mile 8 mark, I heard a rumble in the distance. I realized it was a train coming and I couldn’t beat it so I had to wait for it to pass. Thankfully it wasn’t too long.

At mile 9 I was feeling a bit of a high and felt that that was my best mile. After I passed the YMCA in Wallingford my right hip was starting to bother me. I stopped a few times to stretch it out real well. It worked and I continued on through North Haven.

Miles 13-15 I was starting to feel a little frustrated. I was reaching the half way point and started to walk a little more after mile 15. Around mile 16 I started to eat pretzels for energy. I had to start to tell myself “Don’t be afraid, Don’t quit”.

Miles 17 and 18 I was taking more frequent walk breaks. My pace slowed down and bit and by mile 19 I was losing focus and breaking down. Kevin called me around mile 20 and I was at a point where the tears were starting. My legs were cramping up and I knew I still had 5 miles to go to get home. I was beginning to wonder if I should call my dad to come pick me up. Kevin talked me through it and I kept going. I walked quick then ran. It hurt more to keep walking so I ran as much as I could.

My dad passed me when I was back on Route 22 and I only had 4 miles left from that point and I knew I had to finish what I started. I pushed and pushed and made it through.

When I got home I was very glad it was done; but I was afraid of what I have waiting ahead of me.


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