Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge begins

Join the Holiday Challenge Today I signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. I heard about it from Danielle Nardi from . When you refer a friend mention Danielle or I and we can earn points. The reason why I joined this challenge is to make me step up my workouts, diet, intentions prior to the marathon. With it being close to 50 days away, I want to make sure I am healthy and prepared. I have a 23 mile long run and a 26 mile long run on the schedule and those long runs will also help me earn points! I still have to write about my 20 mile long run recap, which went very well.

For the challenge I will be tracking my workouts on Endomondo as I usually do, and will also note my workouts in the blog.

On Sunday I had the Wallingford Turkey Trot 5 mile run and it was a great run for me. I finished 5.44 miles in 52:59. One of my best times since last June. I am done with physical theraphy on my hamstring and it’s feeling 100% better. I am battling an issue with a posterior shin splint which I can hopefully nip in the bud.

So watch for my weekly recaps and points accumulations and decide if you too want to beat the holiday pounds with a challenge!


One thought on “Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge begins

  1. Thanks for the mention Pam, I was just updated my points on the HBBC spreadsheet and saw the link to your blog so I thought I’d check in!

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