It’s been one year since I started running outside

This past week marks the one year anniversary of when I started running outside and committed to never using the treadmill again despite the weather.  I am pleased to say that my running has changed me.  I used to run before on the treadmill, but like I said, I never considered myself a runner.  Now a year later, I have run TWO half marathons within 30 days of each other and I am signed up for the WDW 20th anniversary full marathon.  Running is in my blood and has become a major element of my life.  It is my time alone, my time to NOT think or think if necessary, and a way for me to stay healthy.  

In fact, this morning I had to go out for an early run due to the hot weather we are experiencing and I noticed things outside today.  The air had a sweet smell to it and it was very dewy out because of the humidity and storms we had yesterday afternoon.  You don’t get to experience that on a treadmill. 

Here’s to looking forward to a new year of running and what will I accomplish next?!


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