Goals are necessary

So I have been in a funk lately. My runs were also not very good. I have had some events in life going on that were also challenging my emotions. My daughter finished her first year in preschoool, my son turned 5 and then on Friday my son graduated from preschool. With all of the emotions, there were also events that had to be attended for these milestones along with working a full time job. So finding time and the energy to run was challenging for me this week.

I was talking to a friend about my struggles and this morning she reminded me that I need goals to keep my focus. She is exactly right. I think part of my feelings of unorganization is because I wasn’t running towards a goal anymore. I know I am in the process of making a decision to do the WDW full marathon, but I was even having a hard time to make a decision about a 5 mile race in the next town over. If I am going to commit to a full marathon in another state 6 months away, deciding to run a 5 mile race should be a piece of cake. Speaking of cake. My whole diet needs to be fixed. Since I wasn’t running towards a goal, I was completely eating like crap. Which I also think affected my recent runs. So now that I decided to run the Branford Road Race next Sunday I will work on setting a goal to complete that race in less than an hour (50 minutes would be a great goal). Next goal will be to work towards a 2:15 time for the Gulf Beach Half Marathon in September and my third goal is to work on doing weights again to give me some strength. So far so good. I did weights this morning, I will sign up for the Branford race this week, and I’ll continue to think over the decision about the WDW marathon. I have until June 19 to pull the trigger to take advantage of the DVC discount and lower price bracket before they raise the price.


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